Intel’s Faster Raptor Lake Flagship CPU Seen at Retailer

Intel’s faster Raptor Lake flagship CPU seen at retailer and it’s looking really pricey. The early price tag for the incoming Core i9-13900KS predictably looks very pricey but you should however take this very piece of rumor with seasoning.

Intel’s Faster Raptor Lake Flagship CPU Seen at Retailer

Intel’s Faster Raptor Lake Flagship CPU Seen at Retailer

The incoming Core i9-13900KS which will reportedly be a new version of the Raptor Lake flagship CPU which is one that is capable of boosting to 6GHz right out of the box with no overclocking need could be well over 20% more expensive than the present 13900K.

As highlighted by VideoCardz, this rumor is going by a tweet from hardware leaker @momomo_us who quickly picked up on the 13900KS and some other inbound Raptor lake processors being listed by one retailer, PC Canada. And as always, you should be skeptical about this leak and rumor.

The 13900KS Is Priced At $927 Canadian Dollars

The 13900KS at the moment is priced at $927 Canadian Dollars and when compared to the price of the existing 13900K at the very same retailer, that’s a 22% spike.

Other Raptor Lake Processors Listed and Priced At the Retailer

A host of other Raptor Lake processors are also listed and priced at the retailer, which already has previously been leaked by Microsoft. And they include the Core i3-13100 at the other end of the spectrum from the 13900KS which is a quad-core processor that is marked up at $207 Canadian Dollars, or $170 for the 13100F which is, however, the variant that drops the integrated GPU in a bid to keep the cost down.


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