Instagram Aims To Simplify Navigation in Its Next Redesign

Instagram aims to simplify navigation in its next redesign and users can expect this set of changes to arrive in the coming month, February to be precise.

Instagram Aims To Simplify Navigation in Its Next Redesign

Instagram Aims To Simplify Navigation in Its Next Redesign

Social media platform Instagram is set to update its in-app navigation bar in February after altering it last time out back in 2020. Instagram has stated that it will add the compose tab back to the center of the navigation bar, remove the shop tab and then move the reels tab to the right side of the compost tab.

In an Instagram post by the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri, he said that the changes are crafted to make it much easier for people to create and connect on the platform.

“The idea here is to simplify Instagram and focus it more,” Mosseri on Monday said. “We’re trying to bring people together over what they love.”

Users Can Still Buy Items on Instagram

You will however still be able to buy items on the social media platform in stories, feed reels, and also in ads. Instagram has not yet changed its in-app navigation bar back in November 2020 as well as adding shop to the bar and then replacing Compose with Reels. Another feature moved by Instagram is that Compose was moved to the top-right corner of the screen.

Instagram is changing its features in a bid to compete with other social media apps such as TikTok. But however, both regular users on the platform and celebrities have all criticized the app for turning way too much like TikTok.

Instagram Criticized for Looking More like TikTok

The criticism came to a head in July when the platform said that it would hit the pause on app changes such as full-screen photos and videos. Mosseri at the time told Platformer that he was happy that Instagram took the risk, but admitted that the company needed to take a step back.

What the Head of Instagram Has To Say About the Development

“For the new feed designs, people are frustrated and the usage data isn’t great,” Mosseri stated. “So there I think that we need to take a big step back, regroup, and figure out how we want to move forward.”

The updates coming this February are a continuation of the new plan for Instagram. Instagram back in December added a Notes feature and then started testing Candid Stories and Group Profiles.


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