InstaCart Delivery: How Instacart Grocery Delivery Works

Instacart delivery is a grocery delivery American company and pick-up service and it is located in the United States and Canada. The company makes its services available to a lot of people across the world through a website and mobile app. The InstaCart services allow customers to place orders for groceries from participating retailers with a personal shopper carrying out their shopping for them.

InstaCart Delivery

InstaCart Delivery

InstaCart gives a lot of customers access to shop at local grocery stores through a mobile app. Or by making use of their website through the creation of a virtual shopping cart. In this article, we are going to give you some necessary information you need to know about InstaCart before you get started with your shopping experience.

How Does InstaCart Work?

Instacart has two newly launched features. This includes the Fast and Flexible delivery for shoppers at home and also the Order Ahead feature. The InstaCart delivery app gives you access to shop local grocery stores from home. Through a mobile app or through their website by the creation of a virtual shopping cart.

On a normal basis, InstaCart offers delivery on the same day you order within a five-hour window for their customers who need the grocery ordered faster. But customers can still visit the store of their choice.

What Stores does InstaCart work with – InstaCart Delivery

The stores that InstaCart works with are in different locations. So this actually is dependent on where you stay. Local grocery stores around where you are located which include small businesses can actually create a partnership with the platform to allow Instacart shoppers to deliver their goods.

You can just enter your zip code where required to see the grocery stores that are in partnership with InstaCart which workaround where you stay.

Are There Any Fees For InstaCart

Instacart gives you the cards to place your orders for grocery delivery even when you have not signed up for one of its memberships. This includes the Instacart Express, with the price of $99 per year or $9.99 every month. When you shop without a membership on InstaCart. It most times result in higher delivery and service fees for every order that you make.

And this is dependent on the number of orders you have placed and how fast you wish for your groceries to be delivered to you. InstaCart had promised to continually offer a 2-hour delivery. And also deliver orders the same day but if you are going to be home all day. It is advisable for you to select the Fast and Flexible option. This will make your groceries delivered to you faster.

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