Innovation Exchange Program 2023 for Startups – APPLY NOW

The AXA Mansard Innovation Exchange Program offers suitably qualified started an opportunity to build something massive. AXA Mansard, a renowned Insurance company, is looking for startups who can collaborate with them in these areas: Customer management, Distribution, and Process Efficiency.

Innovation Exchange Program

The Innovation Exchange program presents an exciting opportunity for startups to thrive and make their mark. More details about this program have been outlined in this post, kindly take your time to review the post.

AXA Mansard Innovation Exchange Program

The AXA Mansard Innovation Exchange Program 2023 serves as a catalyst for startups seeking growth and recognition in the insurance industry. This 15-week accelerator program is open to startups at various stages, from conceptualization to scaling up.

The program provides an immersive experience designed to foster innovation and accelerate startups’ progress. During this time, participants will delve into various aspects of the insurance sector.

Participants will have access to a rich pool of industry experts and mentors, offering insights and guidance that are invaluable for startups. A series of masterclasses will enhance experience-based learning, equipping startups with the tools they need to thrive.

Collaborative Areas

AXA Mansard is on the lookout for startups that can collaborate in the following key areas:

Customer Management

Innovation in customer management is vital for businesses aiming to provide exceptional user experiences. Startups that can offer novel approaches to enhancing customer interactions and satisfaction are highly sought after.


Distribution channels play a pivotal role in the insurance industry. The program seeks startups that can revolutionize distribution methods, making insurance products more accessible and convenient for customers.

Process Efficiency

Streamlining internal processes is a goal for any efficient business. Startups with solutions that optimize operational processes within the insurance sector will find a welcoming environment in the program.

About AXA Mansard Insurance Plc

Incorporated in 1989, AXA Mansard Insurance plc stands as a prominent player in Nigeria’s insurance landscape. With a strong commitment to providing exceptional insurance products and services, the company has established itself as a composite entity registered with the National Insurance Commission of Nigeria (NAICOM).

From offering life coverage to property and casualty solutions for individuals, commercial enterprises, and corporate organizations, AXA Mansard Insurance plc has become synonymous with trust and reliability.

Since its inception, AXA Mansard Insurance plc has consistently demonstrated its dedication to quality and financial stability. The company’s journey to excellence led it to receive a B+ rating for Financial Strength from A.M. Best in 2016. This rating underscores the company’s solid financial foundation, ensuring policyholders’ confidence in times of need.

Benefits of the Innovation Exchange Program

The benefits of the AXA Mansard Innovation Exchange Program include:

  • Resourceful Connections: The program connects startups with internal resources, fostering the development of innovative insurance solutions. This includes access to APIs, expertise, and mentorship.
  • Incubation and Support: Participants will receive valuable incubation support, nurturing their innovative ideas and helping them transform into fully-fledged products or services.
  • Potential Client Partnership: Creating value-added products or services can lead to more than just recognition; AXA Mansard offers the possibility of becoming a paying client if your startup’s offering aligns with their needs.
  • Scaling and Commercialization: For startups with ambitions beyond the program, AXA Mansard provides access to industry-wide scaling and commercialization support, propelling innovative solutions to a broader market.


To be considered for the program, startups must meet the following requirements:

  • Alignment with Themes: Innovative solutions should align with the program’s themes of customer management, distribution, and process efficiency, enhancing AXA Mansard’s value chain.
  • Prototype or MVP: Startups must have a prototype or minimum viable product that has been tested with potential customers, demonstrating the practicality of their solution.
  • Clear Value Proposition: A clear value proposition, along with differentiation from existing solutions, is crucial for startups aiming to stand out in the competitive landscape.
  • Nigerian Incorporation: Eligible startups must be incorporated as legal entities in Nigeria, showcasing a commitment to contributing to the local business ecosystem.
  • Time Commitment: Selected startups should be prepared to dedicate up to 6 hours weekly to the program throughout its duration.

How to Apply?

Are excited about joining the ranks of innovative startups, kindly visit the application page of the AXA Mansard Insurance Plc at: to apply

Access the website and submit your application by providing the Required details

Application Deadline

August 15, 2023.

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