Infidelity in Relationships – Five Characteristics Of a Cheating Spouse

What is Infidelity?

Talking about infidelity in relationships, dealing with infidelity in relationships is a very huge task to handle. The thought of having an unfaithful partner is like an ailment that dries the bones.

Infidelity in Relationships

Infidelity in Relationships

In this article, I am going to be giving you the best approach to this issue and helping you know how to identify a cheating spouse (Infidelity in Relationships).

We won‘t be able to grasp this fully if we do not know the types of infidelity and the characteristics of a cheating spouse. Therefore, let‘s get right into it.

Just to be sure that we are all on the same page, let us properly define the term infidelity.

5 Types of Infidelity

Infidelity or cheating is nothing but unfaithfulness. It means breaking a commitment made with your spouse by engaging in a sexual or romantic affair with another person. Now, let us move right on to the types of infidelity.

Opportunistic Infidelity

This type of infidelity does not necessarily come as a result of dissatisfaction in one‘s present spouse or relationship. In this case, the person in question is still in love with his/her partner but succumbs to infidelity because of several circumstances or risk-taking behavior like drug abuse, alcohol, etc social psychologist, Theresa E.

Didonato stated that Not every act of infidelity is premeditated and driven by dissatisfaction with a current relationship…Maybe they were drinking or in some other way thrown into an opportunity they didn’t anticipate.”

Obligatory Infidelity

This type of infidelity occurs because of the fear of being rejected. People who fall into these traps believe that their resistance to someone‘s sexual advances will lead to rejection.

Romantic Infidelity

“Sometimes (but not always) a deficit in an existing relationship leads people to have extradyadic affairs,” says DiDonato. In this case, the unfaithful partner may have respect and commitment to his/her marriage but have an emotional connection with someone else. This may be a result of a deficiency in the emotional or romantic affair in the marriage.

Conflicted Romantic Infidelity

Contrary to what many people think ( the concept of only one true love), people can experience sexual desire and the feeling of marital love for more than one person at a time. When this type of situation occurs, such people decide to have a taste of everyone they are emotionally attached to. This can lead to them hurting everyone in question.

Commemorative Infidelity

In this case, the person remains in a relationship knowing fully well that they have no feelings (emotional connection or sexual desire) for their partner. This will enable them easily fall out of their marital vows and get committed to another person while still married.

“Lacking love and lacking commitment to a current romantic partner are both tied to general feelings of relationship dissatisfaction,” says DiDonato.

Five Characteristics Of a Cheating Spouse

Knowing all these, what are the characteristics of a cheating spouse? How do you really know if your partner is cheating?

  • They start getting more concerned about their looks.
  • Their sexual behavior changes
  • They start becoming short-tempered
  • Friends of your spouse start behaving oddly
  • They start keeping things from you.

Next Step After Been Cheated on

This is personal advice from me. Forgiveness is always the right choice for a partner who is ready to work things out. If not, just walk away.


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