InCharge Debt Solutions – Is InCharge Debt Solutions Legit and Trustworthy?

Are dealing with debt that feels like a never-ending uphill battle? Between high credit card interest rates, confusing loans, and constantly receiving bills and calls from creditors, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Even making minimum payments each month seems to barely make a dent in what you owe.

InCharge Debt Solutions
InCharge Debt Solutions

But, the good news is there are reputable debt relief services that can help you finally tackle debt and regain your financial freedom. One of the best options to consider is InCharge Debt Solutions.

As one of the largest and most trusted non-profit debt counselling providers, InCharge offers the expertise, tools, and support needed to help you overcome debt. Their debt management programs consolidate all payments into one lower monthly payment so you can pay off debt faster and save money on interest.

If you’re struggling then InCharge Debt Solutions is an ideal choice for affordable, ethical debt relief. Read on to learn more about their proven services and how InCharge can help you conquer debt for good.

About the InCharge Debt Solutions

InCharge isn’t some fly-by-night debt relief company – they are one of the most trusted non-profit credit counseling agencies with over 20 years of experience. Their team of certified credit counsellors and debt management programs could be the lifeline you need to reduce debts and interest costs.

Just imagine how it will feel to have one lower consolidated monthly payment instead of stressing over 5 different credit card bills each month. Or getting expert budgeting and credit advice from a compassionate counsellor who wants to see you succeed. InCharge has helped over 1 million people improve their financial lives.

While debt freedom takes time and commitment, InCharge provides the tools and support needed for you to gain control of your finances. Their debt management program clients save an average of 25% in interest costs and can become debt-free years faster than trying DIY repayment plans.

Even better, InCharge provides complimentary credit counselling from certified professionals. They can advise you on budgeting, managing credit wisely, and tailoring the best debt relief options for your unique financial situation. Their non-profit mission is focused on your financial education and success.

Don’t wait – if debt has been weighing you down, take the first step and contact InCharge Debt Solutions for a free consultation. Their non-profit services can help you breathe easier again and get out from under the burden of debt for good. Your financial future starts today.

What InCharge Debt Solutions Does?

With over 20 years of experience and 50 branch locations across America, InCharge Debt Solutions has an established track record of helping individuals reduce and eliminate debt. Their debt management program could help you save thousands in interest costs and become debt-free years sooner than trying to pay off debts on your own. Plus, their credit counsellors are there to provide ongoing guidance and support.

InCharge Debt Solutions is a non-profit credit counselling agency that provides services to help consumers manage unsecured debt and avoid bankruptcy. Their services include:

  • Credit counseling
  • Debt management programs
  • Student loan counseling
  • Bankruptcy Advice

Founded in 1997, InCharge is now one of the largest non-profit credit counseling agencies in the country. They have over 50 branch locations across the United States and have helped over 1 million people with their debt relief services.

Unlike some other debt relief companies, InCharge is accredited by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and the Council on Accreditation (COA). This demonstrates their commitment to ethical practices and financial education.

An Inside Look at InCharge’s Debt Management Program

The core service offered by InCharge Debt Solutions is its debt management program (DMP). This DMP provides a structured approach to consolidating multiple unsecured debts into one manageable payment. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • You make one consolidated monthly payment to InCharge. They disburse funds to your creditors.
  • InCharge negotiates with creditors to reduce interest rates. This saves you money.
  • Program duration averages 3-5 years.
  • The average InCharge client sees a reduction of 25% in total debt upon enrollment.

The key debts that can be included in InCharge’s DMP are credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, and retail store cards. This allows you to simplify repayment and enjoy lower interest rates.

Credit Counseling Services from InCharge

In addition to its debt management program, InCharge provides professional credit counselling services. This can be extremely helpful if you need budgeting guidance, advice on prioritizing debts, or strategies for rebuilding your credit.

Specific credit counselling services from InCharge include:

  • Budget analysis and money management assistance
  • Advice on strategies for repaying debts faster
  • Guidance on improving your credit score over time
  • Recommendations for prioritizing and tackling different debts

InCharge’s credit counsellors have extensive training to help you take control of your financial situation. Their advice is tailored to your unique circumstances.

InCharge Debt Solutions Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

When considering working with InCharge Debt Solutions, it can be helpful to look at customer reviews and feedback.

Most reviews of InCharge are positive. Here are some of the most commonly cited pros:

  • They are a legitimate non-profit organization, not a sketchy for-profit company.
  • Services are more affordable compared to other debt-relief options.
  • Counsellors are well-trained and provide high-quality guidance.

However, there are some potential downsides mentioned by certain customers:

  • The debt relief process can take a long time to complete.
  • The rules of the debt management program are rigid with little flexibility.
  • Customer service responsiveness varies between counsellors.

So in summary, reviews indicate InCharge is trustworthy and affordable, but the process may require patience as with any debt relief program.

Is InCharge Debt Solutions Legit and Trustworthy?

Given how many sketchy debt relief companies exist today, it’s reasonable to question if InCharge is a legitimate and ethical provider.

Based on their non-profit status, accreditations, history of service, and public reviews, InCharge does appear to be a legitimate and trustworthy company. Here are some of the factors that support this:

  • As a non-profit, their stated mission is providing affordable services, not maximizing profits.
  • They are accredited by the NFCC and the COA, which have strict standards.
  • InCharge does not charge any upfront fees for its debt management program.
  • They have an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.
  • There are no major lawsuits or scandals associated with InCharge to date.

While no company is perfect, InCharge has built a reputation as one of the most ethical and dependable debt relief services available.

InCharge Debt Solutions Locations in Florida and Beyond

One of the advantages of InCharge Debt Solutions is that they have over 50 brick-and-mortar branch locations across the United States. This includes several branches throughout Florida.

Here are some of the main InCharge branch locations in Florida metro areas:

  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Miami
  • Jacksonville
  • Sarasota
  • Daytona Beach

Having a nearby branch can provide the convenience of in-person consultations when enrolling in InCharge services. However, they also offer credit counseling by phone and online if you do not live near one of their branches.


Dealing with debt is challenging, but services from reputable providers like InCharge can help. Their debt management programs, credit counselling, and consumer education empower people to overcome debt and regain financial stability.

InCharge has built a strong reputation as one of the leading non-profit debt relief services with knowledgeable counsellors. Their branch locations, like those across Florida, also provide localized support on the path to becoming debt-free.



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