IMDb TV Streaming Content Now Debuting on Apple and Android Devices

IMDb TV Streaming content is now Debuting on Apple and Android Devices. Early in the streaming game, there were very few streaming applications, but there happen to be some vest options available today. One of those options happens to be owned by Amazon and it is recognized as IMDb TV.

IMDb TV Streaming Content Now Debuting on Apple and Android Devices

Lots of people today not only stream content right in their home on the computer, smart TV, or streaming set-top box; They also get to stream content while they are on the go making use of their smartphone or tablet. For all fans of IMDB TV, the launch of free streaming services on iOS and Android devices would be pretty exciting news.

IMDb TV Streaming Content Now Debuting on Apple and Android Devices

Free streaming through smartphone and tablet apps is expected to land more than 2.5 years right after IMDb launched its free, ad-supported streaming service. That app was later launched on Tuesday of this week for the iPad and iPhone devices in the United States. The expansion to mobile devices came from the IMDb TV app that was launched this year on ROKU, Xbox consoles, PlayStation 4 consoles, and Android TV devices.

IMDb TV on Amazon Fire TV

IMDb TV also would be available on the Amazon Fire TV devices as a free channel inside the popular Prime Video app. The IMDb TV would also include a lot of free content that ranges from TV shows to movies. While the services continue to be supported by ads, it does promise around half the ads of traditional linear TV.

In the era of DVRs and streaming services with no ads, having to endure commercials in your streaming content is more than some people are willing to do. However, in a pinch, free streaming content in exchange for watching some interesting new ads for something that a lot of people want to do.

IMDb TV App Download

IMDb TV happens to have its own series and multi-year licensing deal with Universal Filmed Entertainment Group. As stated by Variety, that deals offers streaming service TV rights to Universal movies, making this the first service to receive early access to the top movie studio’s film. You can download the android app via this link.


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