iFixit Tears Down Apple’s FineWoven Cases

iFixit tears down Apple’s FineWoven cases. The new premium cases of Apple have just gotten some bad reviews. But with that, what really do they look like under the microscope? Well, iFixit has literally found out.

Apple’s FineWoven Cases

Apple’s FineWoven Cases

The new FineWoven iPhone cases are very bad,” according to expert and reporter Allison Johnson, so you just probably shouldn’t buy one, well, just yet. And even still, I have been very curious to learn more about them, and the new teardown of iFixit just gave me even more pieces of information in that regard than I could have thought to ask for.  iFixit has put one of the new cases under a microscope, then tested how it stood up to things such as hot sauce and even coffee and even got to tear the whole thing apart, and even best of all, photographed every single step of the way.

There are however some really incredible zoomed-in photos of the fabric, for example, that black thing in a post from iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens is reported to be a human hair that is included for scale! Another photo on the other hand shows how the fibers in question are affected when they are cut by a knife and as you should have guessed, it really is not pretty.

The Details of iFixit’s Teardown

iFixit during the whole thing also put the new cases to the stain test. A drop of coffee during the test evaporated “without leaving much of a trace.” A greasy thumb however left a stain, even after iFixit in the process applied some detergent to the spot. Hot sauce also left a mark, and yes, iFixit looked at it under the microscope. (and it is quite disgusting.)

And as for the actual case teardown, iFixit chopped the case in half and then ripped it open. There are a couple of several layers, which iFixit outlines as such: “FineWoven fabric, gray foam, rigid plastic sheet, MagSafe hardware/white foam, another rigid plastic sheet, and finally, an inner layer of FineWoven fabric.” iFixit also reportedly found that the side rails in question have a “FineWoven weave” that is more durable than the usual fabric that is found on the back.

The New FineWoven Cases from Apple Will Not Weather All That Well Over Time

Seriously, just go look at all the pictures in the article from iFixit and they are awesome. Based on the examination by iFixit’s and Allison’s article, it really doesn’t seem like the new FineWoven cases from Apple will weather all that well over time. (If only that the taupe color used wasn’t so nice…)



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