Id el Kabir Cover Picture for Facebook Timeline – Id el Kabir Facebook Cover Photos

Want to have an Id el Kabir Cover Picture for Facebook Timeline? Then you should keep on reading this article you will find out how you can get them. Do you know Id el Kabir has come and everyone wants to post the best Sallah Cover Picture on their Facebook Timeline? There are lots of amazing pics about Sallah that you can use on Facebook. Users are now posting pictures all over the internet about Sallah not only on Facebook. So, it will be nice if you also be among those that post an amazing photo about Id el Kabir, you might get your own portion of the Sallah blessing who knows. Well, what I will be sharing is how you can get the Sallah

Sallah Cover Picture for Facebook Timeline

Id el Kabir Cover Picture for Facebook Timeline

This is now like a competition on Facebook, everyone wants his or her Sallah photo to be the best. They are looking for whose likes or comments are the highest, well, true saying the best photo will have or get the highest likes and comments. Getting these pictures is now what users want to know, I will be showing you how to get this picture without stress. But first I am going to explain what the Sallah is all about for you to get an understanding of this article. So, you have to continue reading and you will get all the necessary information.

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Id el Kabir (Salah) Festival

The Sallah (Id el Kabir) is an occasion of much pomp and ceremony all over the world, where it is usually known as the Durbar Festival. This is the culmination of the Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca and also a day of communal prayer. On this day people throng together in their best regalia. Also, processions of nobles on horseback are led by the emir to the prayer grounds. Now after a prayer service, the emir, dressed in white and carrying the historic sword, is seated in state on a platform. Then groups of men take turns galloping up, reining in so their horses rear up at the last moment, and salute the emir. He then raises the sword in response. After this then Later, there is entertainment by musicians, acrobats, jesters, and dancers.

Id el Kabir Celebration

Now there are people that want to know why they celebrate Sallah (Id el Kabir Cover Picture for Facebook Timeline), well I am going to tell you now. The Holiday celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn to sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. Now as the date of Eid depends on the sighting of the moon, there may be variations in the exact date that is been celebrated around the world.

Id el Kabir Date

Now Sallah does not have a specific date, but when there is a sighting of the moon. So, there is no date detected for the Sallah celebration. Now I am going to show you how people greet in Sallah, so you will know how to reply. If you will like to know then, there is every reason for you to read further.

Id el Kabir Greetings

Do you know how people greet in Sallah celebration? This is very important for you to know, so that when they greet you know how to reply. Sallah greeting is also important in the Sallah celebration, and if you don’t know how to greet in Sallah then you are behind the celebration. If you want to greet in Sallah is “Barka da Sallah” to you and your family, may he joy of the season fill your hearts with love and peace. You can also say, “Happy holiday to you” this is wishing you and your good family happy “EID IL KABIR” celebrations. This is how you greet in Sallah, now let me show you how to download the Sallah pictures and also how to upload them.

How to Download Facebook Id el Kabir Pictures

Now if you want to download the Sallah images for your Facebook cover photo then you should read and follow all the steps below:

  • Go to the google website, Or visit the interest site which is usually known for best designs or images.
  • Then search for the Sallah images.
  • When you have seen your choice, click on it.
  • After clicking, then you will be given a preview of the image.
  • You can now click the download link or button.

Then the image will begin to download on your device.

How to Upload Id el Kabir Cover Picture on Facebook

For you to upload the Sallah picture on your Facebook cover photo then follow all guidelines below:

  • Now go to your Facebook account.
  • Login after you have logged in, then go to your profile page.
  • Now you will that the cover image icon is bigger than your profile picture icon.
  • Click the small camera icon in the cover image.
  • Then you select upload as an option.
  • Now pick the Sallah photo you have just downloaded.
  • When you have selected it, then edit or adjust it to what you want.
  • Then click the “save” button at the upper right corner of the page.

Then it will be uploaded successfully. While if you want to upload it on your timeline, just go to your homepage and click the “what’s on your mind” space bar. Then upload the picture.

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