How Vote by Mail – Works in all 50 States for the 2020 Election in the US

Before the voting day reaches, citizens are to consider How Vote by Mail – works in all 50 states for the 2020 election. The United States Election Day is less than two weeks away on November 3rd. And if you have not yet figured out to vote, then now is the time. Citizens can vote in a three medium way which is; individually on election day, online voting, or a mail-in ballot. Each state offers a different accepted form of voting, and every state accepts voting by mail. Though these states can include different rules through which its citizen are to vote by mail.

How Vote by Mail - Works in all 50 States for the 2020 Election

How Vote by Mail – Works in all 50 States for the 2020 Election

Most states have automatically sent out an absentee ballot to each registered voter. While other states require the individual voters to manually apply for the mail-in ballot, due to reasons why citizens can’t show up in person to vote. Few other states require the witness to be of sight on the voter marking a mail-in ballot.

Due to the recent ongoing coronavirus pandemic, up to 50% of voters are have been seen to cast their ballot by mail. This is a measure to avoid the spread or acquiring of the COVID-19.

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How to Vote by Mail in 10 State

Knowing how your state will treat mail-in ballots can help you plan how you’ll vote this year. Below is how some state is handling the November United State Presidency elections this year. Be informed that there are states that are still completing their plans for the November election.

  • Alabama: Based on the year 2020, Alabama requires voters to bring in an excuse to vote by mail, such excuses include illness. As of the July run-off election, one of the judges blocked that rule. And for the general election, Alabama has issued an emergency rule that enables any qualified citizen (voter) to request an absentee ballot.
  • Alaska: Alaska is taking critical procedures to make sure voters and polling station workers are safe for the election this year. This included the provision of voter’s masks and gloves. For its August primary and November elections, any individual can request a mail-in ballot. Alaska requires a witness to have an insight of voter signing the absentee ballot activities.
  • Arizona: Arizona is listed among many other countries that offer no-excuse absentee voting. This means that any Arizona citizen can request a one-time or permanent mail-in ballot without requiring to give a reason.
  • Florida: Florida allows registered citizens to request an absentee ballot without giving a reason. This state also allowed officials of the election to count ballots cast for this election earlier than normally. And this is required because of the coronavirus pandemic to make voters stay safe.
  • Georgia: A registered voter can request an absentee ballot by applying for it without giving any excuse.
  • Hawaii: As from the year 2020, this state will hold elections by mail. Registered voters will automatically receive the ballots a few weeks before the election date.
  • Idaho: Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, Idaho state exclusively used absentee voting during its May primary election activities. For the November 3rd United States election, any registered candidates or voters can request a mail-in ballot to cast their vote.
  • Illinois: Voters can request a mail ballot without a reason to vote.
  • Indiana: In this state, voters are required to submit a request along with a reason why he/she can’t vote in person. Therefore, you must request a reason to receive an absentee ballot. During the June election, Indiana focused its restrictions, thereby allowing voters to cast ballots by mail to keep voters and poll workers safe from coronavirus pandemic. This state will not extend these provisions for the Presidential election coming up on November 3rd.
  • Iowa: Any Iowa registered voting candidate can request for an absentee ballot without a reason.

Other states as not listed here can visit the website to get more information about their states.

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