How to Write an Effective Memo – Writing a Business Memo

The art of writing a business memo is something of a lost art if you actually think about it. in this post on how to write an effective memo, I will be doing my very best in trying to salvage the art. All you have to do is to continue reading the content of this post from start to finish.

How to Write an Effective Memo

How to Write an Effective Memo

What is a business memo? Well, a business memo is an internal and very informative business document. Business memos are like internal press releases as they are very ideal for sharing brief and very vital pieces of information quickly and often with many people at a time. Business memos are actually less formal than business letters but the language used in them is still very professional and polite.

A business memo constructed in the right way should be suitable for conveying the following;

  • Shifts in everyday operations and workflows.
  • Updates regarding upcoming events such as company meetings and gatherings.
  • Changes to personal, team additions, departures, and even role changes.

That’s it. Business memos can be used in addressing challenges and also announcing solutions. The main purpose of a business memo unlike business proposals and businesses cases is not to gain approval for a proposed solution to a problem.

Any information conveyed in a memo should already be approved. A memo is used in announcing that the right time to implement a solution is nigh with the instructions on how to do so if necessary.

How to Write Business Memo

Now that you have understood what a memo is and the main reasons for writing business memos, it is time you learn how to effectively write a business memo. The ideal business memo is very quick and easy to read. A good business memo should be clear and concise, direct and confident but not mechanical. To write an effective business memo, follow the steps below;

  • Make your subject line precise and concise.
  • Start with the main topic of your memo.
  • Keep your audience at the top of your mind.
  • Only include relevant pieces of information.
  • Select the right tone.
  • Select the right communication channel.
  • Lastly, you should avoid potentially confusing or misleading mistakes.

That’s it.

Business Memo Format

Memo writing format is very important in writing a business memo, but unfortunately not so many people know about this. The purpose of writing a business memo is to convey a message to is concise and also efficient. With ta being said, the format that your memo should follow should make the document very easy to navigate and read as possible.

All the while specific formatting details such as font and color will depend solely on the internal guidelines of an organization; all memos should show clearly the following pieces of information in the header or at the top of the document;

  • The date on which you send the memo to its desired and intended audience.
  • To; the name and or the titles of the individuals or the teams that your memo is addressed primarily.
  • Cc (optional; the name or the title of any other person that will receive a copy of the memo if applicable.
  • From; your name which is usually accompanied by your signature and possibly your job title.
  • A subject; is a phrase that summarizes the content of the memo.

That’s it. the body of your memo will then contain the message you are sending. If the message that you are sending is a straightforward one, then no special type of formatting is needed.

If however, the message you are conveying is kind of complex, then headings or maybe bullet points can be a great way of breaking up the text and also break down the information you are sharing into digestible parts.


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