How to Watch Harley Quinn Season 3 Online

Are you interested in How to Watch Harley Quinn Season 3 Online? Once again, we get to see Harley and poison Ivy return for another gleefully irreverent dose of animated superhero mayhem.

How to Watch Harley Quinn Season 3 Online

Expect a plant-based pandemonium as Ivy tries to terraform the city while Harley’s ex-partner the joker embarks on a political career as the mayor of Gotham. Exciting Award-winning, and LGBT+ representing, below I would explain details on how you can watch Harley Quinn Season 3 online now, exclusively on HBO Max in the United States.

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How to Watch Harley Quinn Online

Season 2 Saw the Injustice League try and take over Gotham City, concluding with poison Ivy ditching kite man to be with BFF Harley Quinn who kissed as they sped off into the sunset while being chased by commissioner Gordon.

Now officially a couple, “Harley” is back with a plan to terraform Gotham. Of course, things went really wrong when the city goes overcome by ferocious foliage, and the trailer briefly sees Harley side-by-side with Batgirl to save lives.

Harvey Guillen makes his debut as the Nightwing, joining forces with a permanently brooding Batman, in addition to Sam Richardson as the “Humanoid pile of vegetable matter” Known as the Swamp Thing.

It is hilarious, Bloody, and great fun for all DC fans. So, keep on reading because I would be giving your details on how to watch Harley Quinn Season 3 online.

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How to watch Harley Quinn season 3 on HBO Max in the US

Harley Quinn Season 3 landed on HBO Max on Thursday, July 28 at around 6am PT/9am ET, with the first three episodes ready to binge straight away and the remainder released once per week until the 15 of September.

If at the moment you are not currently an HBO Max Subscriber and you want to try out the service, the first thing to know is that there are two HBO Max Price Points $9.99 a month with commercials, or the 4K HDR commercial-free subscription at $14.99 that also offers 4K streams and a Dolby Atmos sound.

You can alternatively save up and sign up for the annual plan which cost $99.99/$149.99 fee. This means that you would get two months of free streaming using the yearly plan.

Can I watch Harley Quinn online in Canada?

At the moment, Harley Quinn does not have a home streaming service in Canada. New Episodes usually get broadcast on Global TV Live though and then added to their on-demand platform, and we are waiting to get a broadcast date for season 3.

Can I watch Harley Quinn season 3 Online in the UK?

At the moment, there is no confirmed release date for the Harley Quinn Season 3 in the UK either. Linear channel E4 has broadcast prior seasons before, but that also includes a lengthy six-month from when the show would be debuting in America. So it actually could be as late as January 2023 before we see Season 3.

If you are looking for a recap of this award-winning series, you should be happy to know that both seasons 3 and 2 can be purchased on Amazon Prime Video. They come at  £1.89 per episode in SD format, or you can purchase the whole of Season 1 for just £14.99 and season 2 for £19.99, regardless of the format you choose to purchase it in.

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