How to Use Walking to Blast Belly Fat and Carve Abs

Do you want to know How to Use Walking to Blast Belly Fat and Carve Abs? Emily Furey, a personal trainer and fitness influencer has given an explanation on how walking can help you lose belly fat. Emily Furey said “something as simple as walking is great” for slimming.

How to Use Walking to Blast Belly Fat and Carve Abs

Emily, after recently launching a new workout program FI7NESS on leading global community wellness and fitness app TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT, said: “By walking, say, 10 kilometers a day, it really adds up and you will see results.

How to Use Walking to Blast Belly Fat and Carve Abs

“Asides from the physical benefits, I also can’t stress enough how helpful walking is for your mental health.

“In a world where we’re consuming social media on a daily basis, taking yourself out for a walk is so important for your headspace.”

Things to Consider

  • Try avoiding injury by taking things slow. Taking any extra steps above a person’s current daily average will help them lose weight.
  • If you want to achieve a goal with walking, you have to do more than what you have been doing previously.
  • Once you get used to walking, you should try hitting a milestone, 10,000 steps per day.
  • After that, be consistent with walking more. It pays.
  • Small changes are often better to fit into your routine than bigger ones. Try hitting smaller goals regularly than going for big goals once in a while.

How to Get More Steps In

Take the following tips below to get more effective results

  • Try taking the stairs, not the lift
  • Get off the bus before the stop and walk
  • Walk around the shops during your lunch

Emily added: “The best thing is you can tailor your workout to your specific needs switch up the repetitions, rest and the total duration should suit you

“As long as you push yourself, it doesn’t matter how long or short your workout is.”

She also talked about diet. She said: “I never suggest a restrictive approach and think people should be able to eat what they want to an extent.

“Having said that though, I think tracking your calories can be useful – that way you know exactly what’s going in and out of your body.


“For me, the key to any weight loss comes down to consistency and enjoyment.

“Extreme changes aren’t sustainable or fun and so lifestyle tweaks have to be subtle.

“Figuring out what minor bad habit you can live without could be the answer to sustainable weight loss, without taking the fun away either.”

Apart from walking, there are so many other exercises you can do to burn belly fats. Check out our article on Visceral fats.


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