How to Use iPhone’s Location Tracking – Fine-Tuning Your Settings

How to Use iPhone’s Location Tracking. If you are a current user of the iPhone, you should be aware that the Phone was basically built on Privacy and security. And with this feat, users of the devices would get a lot of tracking over location tracking settings.

How to Use iPhone’s Location Tracking

Location tracking can prove to be essential for apps such as Apple Maps, so you would be offered the required guidance that you require to go from point A to point B.

However, there is some app that you have that do not need Apple’s Location services that would be tracking you for data mining purposes. Well, thanks to Apple, the thing is now more straightforward to fine-tune location tracking settings just the way you like it.

iPhone’s Location Tracking

Just as explained in Apple’s online support overview of your Phone’s Location services options, the process to follow to set location services for specific apps includes:

  • First head to settings
  • Then privacy
  • Location services and make sure that you turn on your location services.
  • Scroll down the app and then you would find all the apps that possess location services permissions.
  • After that, you would see the level of permission each of the apps has to track your location.
  • Tap the app and you would see a list of options that is related to tracking that includes “never,” “ask Next Time or when I Share,” “While making use of the App,” and “Always.”
  • Simply choose the tracking options that you prefer to make use of for each app.

Fine-Tuning Your Settings

The “Always” track option would be very useful for apps like Apple’s “find my” app so that people that are close to you would be aware of where you are, and would obviously be useful in some instances. Well, this can also increase the rate at which your battery is drained as it will be transmitting location data in the background as it utilizes the GPS transmitter built right into your iPhone.

However, if any of your friends and family possesses the “Find My” App installed right on your devices, you will easily be able to locate each other when required.

You also would be able to turn on the “precise Location” option for you to get maximum location precision. Of course, you get to be free to turn all of the locations tracking functionality off for any app whenever you feel like it.

If you want to know more about the privacy and location services that are on your iPhone device, head to the Apple support page.


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