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Do you know how to use the Facebook ad library? Have you heard of Facebook ad library before? Or perhaps are you inquisitive in how it works? If it’s in the affirmative, don’t be perplexed. In a simple and analytical way, I will tell you all you need to know about the Facebook ad library and its usage.

How to Use Facebook Ad Library

How to Use Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook ad library basically deals with companies, organizations, and brands reaching a targeted audience, offering to decimate helpful information about individual needs and industries through competitor’s advertisements and contents.

However, access alone doesn’t mean quick and easy insight into competitive ad campaigns, there’s also a need for process and procedures.

How Does Facebook Ad Library Work?

When it comes to how the Facebook ad library works, it isn’t an arduous task. Follow ardently as I walk you through below.

They are:

  • The first thing you must understand is that the Facebook ad library is to give anyone and everyone, businesses, and brands access to advertisements taking place on Facebook, without
  • The access given by the Facebook ad library makes it possible for an individual or a person to see advertising content. It also makes it possible to see opportunities and what brands are currently up to, with social issues, electoral and political ads also running.
  • Moreover, when it comes to generating brand awareness, leads, sales, business growth, and more competitive ads on Facebook, it is not only a well of information, but it also gives insights into what competitors are creating and running which in turn gives stronger and more compelling offers.
  • The Facebook ad library can be viewed by impressions over a specific time period and by the platform as a county. Moreover, it also comes with helpful and inspiring filters.
  • Finally, you can download a video from the Facebook ad library by right-clicking on any video you may want to download and selecting *save video as*.

How Do I Use Facebook Ad library?

Wondering about how to use the Facebook ad library? It isn’t a hard thing to know. Follow the listed procedures and processes given below.

They are given thus:

  • The first thing for you to do is to collect a list of competitors in your space, it shouldn’t be more than 10 brands though, and it will invariably give you a good cross-section of brands and campaigns.
  • The second thing you would need to do is to find competitor advertisements by going to the Facebook ad library and searching for each brand.
  • Afterward, proceed to collect ad information, sorting them out by the usage of filters to find information relevant to your field market.
  • The next important thing for you to do is to deconstruct funnels. You must know that funnels consist of ads that drive traffic to a specific location. Which is typically a landing page because ads are connected to funnels and vice-versa.
  • Finally, you must now create stronger ads. However, pay attention to scrutinize copy, questions to answer. And using imagery and video because this will help in the advertisement creation.

How Do I Access Ad Library On Facebook?

Here, am going to explain in a step-by-step procedure all to need to do to access your Facebook ad library with ease and convenience.

These are:

  • You must firstly access the Facebook ad library site which is, then put it into your browser address bar.
  • The next thing to do now is to load the page up, although it may look like a regular search engine.

Haven understood what the Facebook ad library is all about and how to use it, with its advantageous benefits. It will be good for you to join the millions of people making use of the Facebook advertisement library on the Facebook platform.

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