How to Use a Mac Magic KeyBoard on a Windows PC

In this content, I would be giving you details on how to use a Mac Magic Keyboard on a windows PC on a windows 10 computer and remap some of its keys if you want to.

How to Use a Mac Magic KeyBoard on a Windows PC

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Mac Keyboard on a PC

Before we head further, you need to know if you can use a Mac Keyboard on a PC. And the answer is yes. Just because the keyboard was created for apple does not mean that you cannot use it on a PC as well.

In the case of the Magic Keyboard, it is Bluetooth-enabled, so that the user would be able to connect it to any PC that makes use of Bluetooth capabilities, or they can plug connect it to any PC has Bluetooth capabilities, or they can plug it in via the bundled USB cable. There is no need for you to install drivers or deal with a more complicated setup.

Apple Keyboard on a Windows PC

The answer here is also yes. Like the Mac-labeled keyboard, Apple Keyboards includes the magic Keyboard and Magic Keyboard with a Touch ID, which can all be used alongside a windows PC once you set it up the right way.

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How to Use a Mac Magic KeyBoard on a Windows PC

Just follow the steps that I would be stating for you below to be able to connect your Mac Keyboard to your PC. The process here is simple, it is just like adding any other keyboard. You can choose to plug the Keyboard in via the USB cable that accommodates it, but a much better solution is via Bluetooth. Below is how to connect it.

  • Right on your windows laptop, type Bluetooth right into your windows 10 taskbar search or head to start menu > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth.
  • Click on the “Bluetooth and Other Devices” icon
  • Click Add “Bluetooth or another device”
  • Click Bluetooth
  • Then wait for the PC to detect the magic Keyboard
  • Click on the Magic Keyboard
  • Wait for the connection to be done
  • And then click done

How Do I Use a Mac Key on a Windows Keyboard

Most of the keys found on your Magic Keyboard would work the same on your windows system just as they do on a Mac device. However, it can be quite helpful to map keys like function keys to specific settings. You would be required to download a separate app called PowerToys, but it is a valuable way for you to remap keys. Here I would be stating how to assign keys on a Magic Keyboard for your windows.

  • Download the Microsoft PowerToys right from the official site and then install it
  • Launch the app
  • Click keyboard manager
  • Click on remap a key
  • Click on the plus icon in other for you to add a new key mapping
  • Click Type and then tap the key that you wish to make changes to
  • Click ok
  • Click on type right under Mapped to follow the same process but with the key that you would like to change it to
  • Click ok
  • With this, your key has been fully remapped

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Mac Option key equivalent on a PC keyboard?

The Alt key that is on a PC keyboard is the Mac Option key. It happens to be one of the several keys that is placed in a different place or by a different name found on your windows keyboard.

How do I take a screenshot on a PC using a Mac keyboard?

The Mac Keyboard does not come with the print screen key, so you cannot use the keyboard shortcut. Instead, make use of the windows snipping tool to take a screenshot. Search for the snipping tool straight from the windows start menu and then choose your preferred style from the mode drop-down menu.

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