How to Update Android Apps – What You Need

How to Update Android Apps is quite the question these days. Sometimes you would want to try launching a much-used Android app and find out that it requires a new update to run. Maybe this would be an online game, a streaming service, or probably just a social media platform.

How to Update Android Apps

In this case, you would want to work on your Android apps to make sure that you are on the newest version. In this guide, you would be required to go through how to do that, as well as how you can set this up to happen automatically.

What You Need

To update your device, you do not need much. All that is required is the following stated below:

  • An Android Phone
  • An Active internet connection
  • An app that required an update.

How to Update Android Apps

First, you need to locate your Phone’s home screen, and locate the Play Store app – here, it is found in the second column, just below the search bar.

  • Also, it is worth pointing out that you would need a reliable internet connection to get your Android App updated.
  • First, launch the Play Store on your Phone – This is the app that you want to use to download more apps, and its icon is a blue, green, red, and yellow right-facing arrow right on a white background.
  • Next to the search bar, head to your Google account icon and then select it. In the drop-down menu that pops up, select Manage apps and device.
  • The following menu is in possession of two tabs – you would start on overview, which is the right one. You would be able to see here the updates available tab, which would give you two options. Updates will simply queue up updates for all the apps that need updates, while you see details that will show you a list of these apps.
  • Right on “See Details”, you can see which apps require updates, select them to be queued individually, and also check out what the update has to offer.

How to Update Apps Automatically

From your phone’s home screen, locate the Play Store app – here, it is stated below the search bar on the second column.

  • Follow the above steps but do not press manage apps and devices. Instead on this drop-down menu, select the settings.
  • In this resulting menu, find Network preferences, and here select Auto-update apps.
  • Now you would be presented with the choice of how apps auto-update – you can get them to do over any network, just over Wi-Fi, or not auto-updating at all.

And with this, you would not have to update your app individually, or even bother checking for updates at all since it would update itself automatically.


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