How to Time Travel with Google Maps Street View

How to Time Travel with Google Maps Street View. As a part of the 15-year anniversary semi-celebration of street view, google is taking us back in time – metaphorically speaking, obviously. Alongside an adorable new camera, the service itself would be getting a new feature that would allow you to jump back and forth between 2007 to whenever the most recent 360-degree photos were actually taken of any given location, the company stated in a Blog Post.

How to Time Travel with Google Maps Street View

Time Travel with Google Maps Street View

The result might not be as dramatic as your typical “then and now” Photo comparisons that depict well-known modern cities next to an image that came from before they were cities at all, but being able to visually compare images that were taken 15 years apart is quite interesting. This is a quick and easy way for you to see just how much the town you grew up in has or probably has not changed, check out an old house back from where you lived.

Getting the new feature to work is quite simple unless you happen to be making an Android or iOS device – not because the process is complex, but because it has not lived for so long on mobile devices, though Google stated that it should finish rolling out in the following week.

How to Make Use of Time Travel with Street View

When the option for viewing older street images arrived on mobile devices finally, accessing them would be quite straightforward. Once you have the Google Maps app open and are in street view, tap on images in other to pull up the location information, tap “See more dates,” and then select an available year to jump to.

It is quite similar and simple to a web browser, although the process is a bit different. Once you have launched the Google Maps website and are in street view, click on the little clock icon in the small info box located at the upper left corner of the screen.

This would make another window pull up with a preview of the year you selected and a slider you can use to cycle between them. When you the years that you are interested in using, click on the preview thumbnail in other to change the street view image to the new time period.

Making changes to the year does not just replace the current street view image, either. Whatever date you jump to becomes the new default, so in other to continue to browse around the area and see what else might be different. Of course, you can choose to change them back to the present or to other years that are available while you hop around the street view.


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