How to Stay Safe at Work during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Knowing How to Stay Safe at Work during the COVID-19 Outbreak helps keep you from getting infected by the virus. The COVID-19 virus has made everyone very conscious of their health, their hygiene and also of those around them.

How to Stay Safe at Work during the COVID-19 Outbreak

How to Stay Safe at Work during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the lockdown has been imposed by most countries on their citizens to contain the spread of the disease. Although some countries have not recorded any cases of the virus, the lockdown still holds there.

This brings us to countries not affected that still have their citizens going about their daily activities. This is why this guide has brought to you some tips that would keep you safe all through the outbreak even when you are at work.

What is COVID-19 Outbreak?

The COVID-19 outbreak is the breakout of the coronavirus and the damages it has caused so far. COVID-19 is an infectious disease that rapidly took over the world and left thousands of infected persons and death cases in its wake.

The virus COVID-19 is fully called Coronavirus Disease in 2019. This is because the virus was first identified in 2019, in Wuhan, China. This disease is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease has since spread to almost every part of the world. This has therefore thrown the world into panic as people have died in huge numbers.

Symptoms of COVID-19

It takes about fourteen days for the symptoms of the virus to show in an affected person. The period from which a person gets infected to when the symptoms begin to show is known as the Incubation Period. The symptoms of COVID-19 make it easy for one to detect it, although the symptoms of the disease are very similar to those of flu.

However, the symptoms should not be taken lightly. This is because the symptoms of COVID-19 show gradually to before it becomes serious symptoms. Some of the symptoms of COVID-19 are headache, chills, fever, high temperature, dry and persistent cough, running nose and shortness of breath. Other severe symptoms are tightness of the chest, difficulty in breathing, multi-organ failure, conjunctiva congestion, vomiting, and loss of sense of smell and taste. This may eventually lead to the death of the infected person.

How COVID-19 is Transmitted

The transmission of the virus from one person to another is very fast and easy.  A person gets infected when the virus finds its way into the body system. This can be through the eyes, nose or even mouth. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus is contained in the droplets emitted. However, the virus is not airborne because it is too heavy to travel through the air.

Not being able to be carried by air, the virus quickly settles on surfaces. These surfaces may be clothes, plastic, iron, wood and even humans. When one picks up the virus from these surfaces and touches any of the orifices on their face, one can get infected immediately.

How to Stay at Work

After knowing how COVID-19 gets from one person to another, it is therefore wise to keep safe and remain clean. Observing good and proper hygiene goes a long way in getting the virus far away from us. Here, in this guide, ways on how to stay safe at work and in public places are listed below.

  • Carry hand sanitisers, napkins, wipes and tissues along with you to work.
  • Wear a face mask when in public.
  • Sanitize your hands before entering any public transport.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or sanitize as soon as you get to your workplace.
  • Sanitize or disinfect your work table before you start work.
  • Make sure to place hand sanitisers on your table so others can use them before handling your belongings.
  • Observe social distancing in the office. On this note, avoid hugging, handshakes, sitting closely or sharing anything with your colleagues.
  • Do not use a face mask, tissues or paper towels more than once.
  • Properly dispose of used tissues or face masks.
  • Always keep a distance of at least one meter away from everyone.
  • Report cases or suspicious cases of the virus to get early medical attention.



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