How to Set Up Facebook Pay: How to Set Up Facebook Pay 2020 | Is the Facebook Pay Safe

Have you heard about the new Facebook Pay? Well, it’s here. Facebook Pay is a secure and seamless method of making payments on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. All you need do is to just enter your account information or payment card once, and then you can start making use of the Facebook pay send money, make purchases, and donate or send money within the apps. You will be required to create a PIN or biometrics that will be added to tighten your security during any transaction.

How to Set Up Facebook Pay

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The Facebook pay also gives you leverage to view your payment history, manage your payment information, and gives you access to customer support. Facebook pay is presently rolling out in some countries, and will continuously roll out to some other apps and countries with the aim of bringing the service to more people in time.

How to Set Up Facebook Pay

With just a few taps you can access Facebook pay on your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Although Facebook pay was created by the Facebook Company. To set up Facebook pay is quite easy, you will require a Facebook account, but you can be able to set up Facebook pay directly within some other apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook pay is a quick and easier way for Facebook users to make money transactions to their contacts.

Functions of Facebook Pay

Below are some of the things you can do with Facebook Pay;

  • You can use Facebook pay to buy things from the Facebook market place, make donations to the fundraisers that you support, and even buy event and game tickets.
  • You can also make donations and place an order from the brands that you follow
  • You can also receive and send money
  • You can even make payments to family and friends from your phone or computer

Is the Facebook Pay Safe

This is one of the disturbing questions from upcoming users, well the answer is yes. Facebook Pay is well secured, below are some of the security measures taken;

  • Facebook pay have an anti-fraud feature that helps monitor suspicious activity
  • They also have data encryption that protects the information of your payments
  • For added security, they also added biometrics and pin options

Above are some of the security measures taken to help protect your account or card information.

How to Set Up Facebook Pay 2020

Below are the procedures on how to set up your Facebook pay on Facebook;

  • Firstly, click on the three-lined icon at the upper right corner of the screen
  • Then click on the “settings & privacy”
  • Next is to click on settings
  • Click on “Facebook” Pay under your account settings
  • Finally, add the debit or credit card you intend to use.

Above are the procedures you need to follow to set up your Facebook pay.

How to Set Up Facebook Pay on Messenger

Below are the steps to set up your Facebook Pay on Messenger;

  • First off, click on your profile picture on Messenger
  • Scroll down till you see Facebook pay
  • Click on “add new debit or PayPal” then enter your payment information.

Take note that your method of payment is saved securely for when next you make use of your Facebook Pay.  You can also find the history of your payments under your payment information. For more information on Facebook Pay, kindly visit this link;


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