How to Send Valentine Gifts on Facebook Messenger

Do you know How To Send Valentine’s Gifts On Facebook Messenger? The Facebook social platform often gets creative and launches new features for fun. Each celebrated event has always had a feature on the Messenger app.

How to Send Valentine Gifts on Facebook Messenger


Unlike other old features on the Facebook platform that makes it easy to send gift cards and other gifts, Messenger gifts is a digital design. You can send gifts easily and there is no cost attached to them.

Looking for a guide on How To Send Valentine’s Gifts On Facebook Messenger? Then in this article, you have got that settles, so read on.

How To Send Valentine’s Gifts On Facebook Messenger

Sending a valentine’s gift on Facebook Messenger is straightforward once you find out how to access it. All you are required to do is launch the Facebook Messenger app from your iPhone or Android device.

Select the recipient of your message and tap on the message box to type your message. Ensure to type your message first, otherwise, this won’t appear within the selection.

How to Make A Gift on Messenger

Here is How To Send Valentine’s Gifts On Facebook Messenger:

  • Launch the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Sign in to your account using your username and password.
  • Tap on a friend’s name or search for one.
  • After tapping on the messenger box, enter your text.
  • Then tap on the sticker icon.
  • Tap on Effects, then tap on the present.

After this, your message will be automatically sent after the last step. You just have to ensure the message has been written on the text box before tapping on the present icon.

What Else Are You Able To Do With Messenger?

Over the years, Facebook’s messaging service has grown from an easy DM platform to a one-stop shop for everything communications.

In the past few years, we’ve seen some really neat features on the platform that are worth mentioning here!

Send Money

Sure, there’s PayPal, Venmo, and a plethora of other apps out there. But you’ll send money using Facebook Messenger. If a gift-wrapped message doesn’t appeal to your recipient, you can as well send money.

By tapping the four-circle icon on the left-hand side of the text box you’ll access the payment option. Send or request funds using this great feature.


With people traveling this season, Facebook Messenger gives you the choice to request or send your location. Sure, there are other applications like Life360 and Find My Friends. But Facebook’s location feature is different the app can assist you in confine touch with friends and family.

Video Calling

Lastly, can also video call your Facebook friend via the Messenger app. You just have to tap on their profile from the Messenger app and tap on the video camera icon.



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