How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook – How to Add Friends on Facebook

Now that you just joined the social world of Facebook, it’s time to start sending out and accepting friend requests from people you may know, and also friends of friends. This article assumes no prior experience to Facebook, so if you’re pretty new on the network, this article will be your guide on how to send friend requests on Facebook.

How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook

Friend request on Facebook

Facebook has over 1.2 billion active accounts, so, it’s a no-brainer that that friend, colleague, or the crush of yours definitely has a Facebook account. Facebook makes it simple for users to be able to easily send a friend request on Facebook. Due to its beautiful user interface coupled with the best user experience. So even a dummy wouldn’t have a hard time finding their way on Facebook and getting comfortable on the network.

Before walking through the steps on how to send a friend request on Facebook. There are certain factors that affect the people you see on your Facebook page. Some of these factors include the following:

  • While setting up your profile for the first time, Facebook seeks permission to be granted access to your location. Which they then employ some algorithm to find other Facebook users who stay around you.
  • Facebook take some information about your profile such as the name of your High School, College, or academy, your preferences. And other valuable information which they can use they utilize to help you see people you’re likely to know in the “People You May Know” section of Facebook.

How to send a friend request on Facebook | How to Add Friends on Facebook

The easiest way to find a friend on Facebook is to search them by their name, which is why it’s often advisable to use your real names while creating a Facebook account where you’d like to be easily identified by people.

  1. Once you enter the person named on the search bar at the top of the page, remember that Facebook uses auto-complete, and you definitely might find more than one person bearing that name, even together with the surname, so it’s okay to look at the person’s profile to be sure it’s who you’re searching for.
  2. Select their name if it appears first on the list, if you’re not sure, tap on “See All”.
  3. To send out a friend request to the person, tap “Add Friend” next to the name of the person. If you don’t see the “Add Friends” option, check your privacy settings and be sure to turn it on if you had previously switched it off.

Note that you can only send a friend request to someone who has less than 5,000 friends, any request sent to a user with over 5,000 friends will not show on their friend request menu.

Also, note that you may send as many friend requests, but if you have 1,000 friends’ requests waiting for a response from the user, if you send more, the older requests will be deleted.

You can find friends’ suggestion in the people you may know section, when you begin to join groups, pages and explore other parts of Facebook, you’ll begin to get more friends suggestion based on the common activities or interests you share with these users.


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