How to Reset an Xbox Series X Controller 

Are you interested in How to Reset an Xbox Series X Controller? There is nothing a lot more annoying than your controller disconnecting right in the middle of a sweaty multiplayer battle. Sometimes, our laziness lead to a dead battery mide-session, and we tend to get upset even after the console reminds us that the accessory requires charging.

How to Reset an Xbox Series X Controller 

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Xbox Series X Controller Issues

But sometimes, it turns out to be console that is acting quite a but screwy and forgetting how to communicate using your controller. Sometimes, such is the case with the Xbox Series X|S, which has been plagues with some issues that has to do with connectivity and, like all consoles, can experience some occasional bugs.

It is still quite common for you to hear new buyer complaining that their controller disconnects periodically, with tons of those users force to reset or resync their controllers even with the battery fully charged. This issue is no longer chronic thanks to the series of software and controller updates, but it can still creep up on you just when you expect it the least. If you ever find yourself in that kind of predicament, below I would be giving you the quickest way to restore a solid connection and even jump right back into the action.

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How to Reset the Xbox Series X|S Controller

You have been giving some options when it comes to resetting your Xbox controller. And as stated by Microsoft, the standard method here is to press the controller’s power button for about 5 to 10 seconds, which would force it to shut down entirely. In other to turn it back on, just simply hold the power button again. If it is not working for some reason, you can choose to force a reset by taking out the battery in supported controllers. Reinsert the battery and power right back on to see if the issue still persists.

For all those playing using an Xbox you would find another option for resetting your controller on the console all by itself.

  • Hold down the power button for some seconds while your Xbox Series X|S is powered on
  • There are some options available for you to shut controller off listed among the console’s other power and accessibility options; simply just choose it and turn off the controller.
  • Hold down the controller’s power button and then turn it back on.

If your controller is having a hard time syncing to their console right after you turn it back on, you can choose to force it into pairing mode by holding the pair holding button on both your controller and the Xbox Console simultaneously. Hold down the buttons till the lights on both your console and controller starts to blink in unison, and then wait for the two lights to remain solid.

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Check for Firmware updates on the Xbox Series X Controller

If you are still experiencing some issues right after you reset the controller, it is worth you checking for a firmware update. Most of the early controller connection issues were addressed just shortly after it launched, and it is common for a lot of new Xbox Series X|S owners to skip this very important step. In other to check whether you controller required an update, you would be expected to:

  • Head to the settings Menu found on your console
  • The navigate to Profile and system > Settings > Devices and Connections > Accessories
  • Choose your Xbox controller
  • Then check to see if there is a new firmware available. If there is, you should be able to download and apply for the update directly from this screen.

You should note that while the Xbox Series X|S offers support for wireless controllers updates, you might want to connect the controller right to your console via a USB-C cable to make sure everything is installed the right way.

If you want to try carrying out the update wirelessly, for the best results, make sure your controller remains close to the console and that is remains still on a flat surface throughout the whole process.

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