How to Read Full Messages on Facebook Dating

Are you just like me looking for How to Read Full Messages on Facebook Dating? I must confess, this was a little hard for me at first till I found a way around it. Trust me, you are going to find this very helpful. On this article, we will be discussing in steps how you can read full messages sent by your match, crush or someone else to your dating account for free.

How to Read Full Messages on Facebook Dating

How to Read Full Messages on Facebook Dating

Before Facebook dating was officially released as a part of Facebook, there are other means to find dates. Then you could visit dating groups or pages, find someone you really like, and engage in a conversation with them. This was however before Facebook decided to make dating on their platform official.

Regardless, there is still quite a lot of people using the traditional method (probably because they do not want to pay for membership fees). Do not get me wrong, Facebook dating is free. However, there are different tiers of memberships that offer users unique features.

How Facebook Dating Works

Facebook dating just like other dating apps on the internet today works in a simple way. Basically, you are shown a couple of profiles, you swipe right on the one you like (like to date). If they like you too, the algorithm will classify it as a match and you would both be able to text each other.

Looking for that great boost to get out there? Well, Facebook dating is the key. Since the launch of the feature, quite a lot of people have been able to build meaningful relationships. All things simplified; the dating platform is totally worth it.

How to Read Full Messages Sent to Me on Facebook Dating

After successfully setting up your dating profile and matching with someone, the conversation begins. However, you want to read the full messages they send.  Below is how you can start a conversation and also read full messages on FB dating.

  • Tap on the profile of the person who has been matched with you that you want to start a conversation with or read full message
  • Once the option to send a message appears, type your message and tap on the down arrow icon to send the message
  • In order to read the full message, tap on the conversation button at the top of the feed screen.

Its as easy as that. What are you waiting for, get out there and begin dating right away!


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