20 Cute Facebook Dating Openers to Copy and Paste on Your Chat

Did you match with someone on Facebook dating and don’t know how to begin the conversation with them? Well, below you will find 20 Cute Facebook Dating Openers to Copy and Paste on Your Chat. Some people after being matched find it difficult to make the first move and begin the conversation (for reasons best known to them). This is why we decided to write this article so you can be guided.

20 Cute Facebook Dating Openers to Copy and Paste on Your Chat

Facebook dating is one of the few dating apps that have what it takes today. On the platform, there are a lot of options. It doesn’t matter your dating preferences; you can be sure to find a partner and build meaningful relationships in no time.

20 Cute Facebook Dating Openers to Copy and Paste on Your Chat

Quite a lot of people do have the habit of starting a conversation in an awkward way. We hope we can get such individuals by providing them with dating openers that you can copy and paste directly on your chat.

Note, these openers can help anyone any day, anytime, and anywhere. Most people do not realize it, but their opening speech after being matched with someone matters a lot. As a matter of fact, it could very well kill the vibe before the relationship kicks in. Nevertheless, you should memorize these openers if possible and even try to personalize them so they sound even more unique.

Facebook Dating Openers to Spark a Conversation

Below are some of the best dating openers to open a conversation on FB dating.

  • Cheese, Hawaiian, or Pepperoni?
  • I think my stars just aligned with your
  • I just couldn’t get over your pics, they captured my heart
  • Let runaway (with a smiley emoji)
  • Marvel or DC
  • Chinese or Korean
  • You literally are a dream come true; can we just skip to the part where we romance the hell out of each other
  • What’s your favorite movie (when she replies, text back “Come on, of all the movies in the world” Why that one though)
  • Are you a model cause I swear, your pictures are all over my phones
  • Pet, do you like them
  • Given a choice, which song would you choose for the soundtrack of your life?
  • Using only emojis, tell me your life story
  • Have anywhere in mind you wanna travel to?
  • If I’m a star sign, does that mean we are compatible?

Aside from these, there are several other dating openers you could employ. However, these are some of the best to get that conversation going. Further research can be done on Google.


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