How To Pay With Google on Computer and Mobile App

There are two ways How To Pay With Google. And either way, operate on the free payment platform called Google Pay. The first way is used to make purchases of items. While the other is used to send and receive money with other users operating on the platform.

How To Pay With Google

Google Pay has been an ongoing platform made for Android users for a while now. If you haven’t used or got to know about it yet, then this is your chance. Read on this article to know How To Pay With Google.

How To Pay With Google

The first Google Pay for Android mobile phones is used to make payments for items bought online from stores, in-app, etc.

It can be accessed and operated on Android devices only. And it is also only accepted in situations where Google Pay is supported. Formally, Google Pay was referred to as Android Pay and Pay with Google.

The second Google Pay on iPhone mobile devices is another payment app used to send and receive payments with people. This platform works free, and also works on computers, phones, and tablets either on iOS or Android phones. It was formerly called Google Wallet.

Google Pay

The platform Google Pay is a digital wallet that is used to store physical cards all in one place on your mobile phone.

It can be used to store debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards, and also tickets. You just have to enter the details on your card to the app.

Then you can use your phone to automatically pay for items bought online from stores if they support the payment platform.

Now, you won’t have to make transfers from your bank or even open a shopping account. Your card in your Google Pay account will be used to make payments wirelessly.

This payment is allowed anywhere the Google Pay icon is displayed. Some places you can access this payment process include Best Buy, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Whole Foods, and many others.

You can as well find out if a shopping platform uses the Google Pay process by heading to the payment section of the platform.

How To Pay With Google on Computer

On a computer, using the Google Pay platform is a whole different process than the mobile app. To use Gmail to send or receive money, users will have to click on Send and request money at the bottom of the page.

First, you are required to go to the Google Account platform and sign in to your Gmail. Now you can begin to send and receive money by clicking on the option from the bottom.

How To Pay With Google Mobile Apps

Not to be confused, this is also referred to using the Google Pay app. You first have to download the Google Pay app on iOS or Android devices.

After you signed in to your Google Pay, enter your mobile number or email address of the recipient on the Google Pay app.

Remember you ought to have linked your card to your Google Pay at the Link your card section. Then you can begin to send money to others.

How To Link Your Card To Google Pay

Follow the steps below to link your card:

  • Go to the Google Pay website
  • Sign in to your Gmail account. Otherwise, register for one.
  • Scroll down and click on Add debit card.
  • Enter your card details, and click on Save.
  • Provide your address.
  • If correct, your card will be linked to your Google Pay account.

Now you can directly send money by entering the sum, the recipient name/email/phone number, and a memo, and click on Send.

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