How to Manage Applications to your Facebook Page’s Job Posts

Do you know how to manage applications to your Facebook page’s job posts? This is easy and if you continue reading the content of this post you are going to learn of the necessary steps needed in doing this.

How to Manage Applications to Your Facebook Page’s Job Posts

How to Manage Applications to Your Facebook Page’s Job Posts

Just as I have been explaining to you in my previous posts, Facebook is the jack of all trades of social media platforms. With Facebook, there is nothing you cannot do and that is including searching for jobs and also making job postings.

There is a feature on the Facebook social media platform that enables you to post for job openings on the platform. Many page owners on the platform already know how to make job postings on the platform but what it is that they don’t know is how to manage the applications for their pages job posts.

Fortunately for this set of people, there are rules and guides to follow to easily and successfully manage job postings on their page, and in a bit, I will be sharing these guides with them.

What you Need to Manage Job Posts on your Facebook Page

Have you ever thought about this during your time reading this post? Well if you haven’t, you should. When it comes to the management of job postings on your page on the Facebook social media platform, you really do not need much.

You however need to be a registered account holder on Facebook and also a proud owner of a Facebook page. If you are not an owner of a page on the Facebook platform, you should at least have an administrative role of a page.

Steps to Managing Applications on your Facebook Pages Job Posts

Once you have created a job post for your page, you can now immediately start reviewing applications, making contact with applicants, and also schedule interviews. It is that simple.

And to do this you will have to click on the manage jobs option at the top of your page. Also on the left, you can filter applications by new applications, favorites, job posting, and application status. Click or select the application that you would like to view and from there you can;

  • View the work experience and also the education history of applicants if they have filled in those sections.
  • You can also click to add to favorites. This feature will allow you to filter for your favorite applications just by clicking manage jobs at the top of your page and then going forward to click to tick the box that is next to favorite in the filter by section.
  • Choose a way to contact applicants wither by phone or email.
  • Schedule an interview. After you have made contact with an applicant and then confirmed the interview time, click on the schedule interview tab. Next, select the date and then the time of the interview, and then click on schedule. The applicant on the other hand will receive a message containing the date and time and both the applicant and the interviewer can cancel the appointment at any given time they want.
  • Click on set status to set the applicant’s status to be contacted, interview scheduled, interviewed, hired, or rejected.

This can be very helpful in the event that you have a lot of applicants for one position and you need to filter by status.


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