How to make Use of The Handwriting Feature on Android

How to make Use of The Handwriting Feature on Android. If you happen to own an Android device, the chances are that you already installed Google’s Handwriting input feature. However, it is not exactly enabled by default, so setting it up might actually need you to fiddling with your keyboard menu first.

How to make Use of The Handwriting Feature on Android

Before it got integrated into “Gboard,” Google’s Built-in Keyboard software, users had to download an entirely separate app that aided in using the Android handwriting-to-text function. In 2017, Google eventually made some tweaks that enabled handwriting input on Gboard natively (via Android Authority). While Gboard was slowly becoming just as great as Google’s dedicated handwriting input app, it still has some downside when it comes to languages supported.

Android’s built-in handwriting feature

However, the Gboard’s version 8.3 update in 2019 gave its support to over 200 languages, rendering Google’s Separate app essentially obsolete, As stated by Android police. Sure, Android’s built-in keyboard is now capable of a more comprehensive handwriting-to-text experience on its own, but what still remains the same is the convenience of enabling it.

As before, Android users still have to visit some menus in the Gboard’s settings instead of making use of one a single toggle on the keyboard itself. Luckily, the steps to follow are not that complicated once you get past the initial set-up phase.

How to Use the Handwriting Feature on Android

First, you need to make sure that the Gboard app is on its latest version. If not, you can choose to download the update from the Google Play Store. Since Google’s Handwriting-to-text keyboard is hidden within the Gboard app’s settings, you would need to summon it by tapping on the empty text space.

You would only need to carry out this step below once in other to enable the feature, but you can choose to repeat the process as often as required to add more languages. It is worth noting, however, that is not all languages have a handwriting keyboard option (Via Google).

  • Right from the Gboard interface, find and then tap the gear icon located at the bar right on top of its alphanumeric keys.
  • Tap on the “languages” option up top.
  • Select the “Add Keyboard” button located at the bottom
  • Pick your preferred language from the list
  • Swipe right from the keyboard menu until you find the “Handwriting option then select it.
  • Once done properly, it should now have a check mark right next to it, if so, tap on the “Done” button to finish settings it up.
  • In other to manually choose among your added keyboard types and languages, press and then hold the space bar located at the bottom center, then choose from the list.

If you want to remove languages, you can choose to follow these steps:

  • Starting from the second step above, select the pen icon located in the upper right
  • Select the language that you wish to remove
  • Then tap on the trash bin icon located in the upper right to delete them

How to translate text to Different Languages Using Google Handwriting Keyboard

Gboard does not just allow you to input text using your handwriting, it also enables you to translate the text to different languages directly from its interface. This would make it possible to write texts, compose emails, or make social media posts in different languages.

Take note that some of these steps would require smartphones that are running on at least Android 7.0 to work, according to Google Support. The procedure remains quite similar when it comes to enabling Google’s handwriting keyboard, but requires internet data to work. First, Start Android’s Handwriting to text input using the steps above, then tap on an empty text box in other to bring out the Gboard.

  • Right from the Gboard’s alphanumeric interface, tap open features menu, or on the three horizontal dots located next to the hear icon, from the bar on top.
  • Choose the “translate’ button from the menu
  • Tap on the language selector located o the left if you are writing using a different language that’s not been detected by default.
  • Tap on the language selector located on the right, then pick the language that you want your text to get translated into.
  • Then proceed to write the text using your fingers, and it would automatically get translated to the language of your choosing.
  • In other, for you to quickly toggle between your added keyboards/languages, tap on the globe icon located close to the space bar.

And with this, you should not have plenty of issues with translating text to Different Languages Using Google Handwriting Keyboard.


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