How to Locate your Wi-Fi Password – Quick Steps

Have you lost the password of your Wi-Fi? Well, here I would be giving you how to locate your WI-Fi password. While service providers offer ship routers with stickers or slips that entail the default password, you can lose these for tons of reasons, that includes people within your home ‘borrowing’ them, or your beloved pet deciding that they make an appetizing snack.

How to Locate your Wi-Fi Password

How to Locate your Wi-Fi Password

Still, you are to make sure that your first port of call is to make sure that you do check out your router. While some of the providers offers a slip, others would get the password printed right onto the router itself on a sticker, which would usually be found on the rear or the bottom side of the device.

Similarly, some companies happen to possess a detachable plastic cover or slab with key information on the router, which usually entails the password of the Wi-Fi. You should be able to locate and take it out easily, so do not pull too hard on your router or you might just go ahead and break it.

This is limited obviously to those that are yet to change their default Wi-Fi password, but don’t lose hope if you happen to have altered it to something more memorable. If ever you have connected to your home Wi-Fi via your Laptop or your computer, then there is still a way you can be helped back online.

How to Find Wi-Fi Passwords on Windows

It actually does not matter if you are making use of a windows 10 or a windows 11, this method would aid you in both, albeit with some differences when it comes to application names.

  • First head over to windows Terminal Admin (windows 11) or the Command Prompt (Windows 10) by typing the phrase into your system search bar. Alternatively, you can choose to right-click the Windows logo on your taskbar and select windows Terminal Admin (windows 11) or Windows Powershell Admin (windows 10).
  • Type in netsh wlan show profile and the hit enter. A list would pop up of every network that the laptop or computer that you are making use of has ever connected to.
  • Search for the current connection name. if you cannot remember this, it would most typically be located at the very top of the list as your most recent connection.
  • Once the name of the wifi network has been located, enter in netsh wlan show profile “(insert Wi-Fi network name)” key=clear and then hit enter. Do this without the brackets, but keep the quotation marks.

Once all this have been done, a huge list of details would appear on your screen. Scroll down and you would see a bug security setting, and the missing password would be located net to ‘Key Content’.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password with MacOS

Locating your lost password using macOS is a little bit easier, which is great news for all those of you that are owners of a MacBook Pro or iMac computer. Every password that has been saved into your system can be located in the keychain Access application which happens to be a dedicated password manager for Mac Systems.

  • First launch the keychain Access application by entering its name into the search bar function.
  • Next, select systems located at the left-hand sidebar and click on passwords located on the top bar.
  • A list of previous networks that you have used would appear. Look for the network name that you have lost the password to and the double click it.
  • A new window would pop up with some information related to that network. On the bottom, check the box next to show the password, and then enter your system password when prompted.

Right after the steps are completed, the missing password would then be displayed on your screen.


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