How to get Free Amazon Prime Goodies in Pokémon Go

How to get Free Amazon Prime Goodies in Pokémon Go. with the weather getting a lot warmer if different parts of the world, a lot of us are eager to get back to catching ‘em all in “pokemon Go.” If that sounds like you, good news – you can now receive “Pokemon Go.”

How to get Free Amazon Prime Goodies in Pokémon Go

If that sounds like you, good news – you can now receive “Pokémon Go” in-game goodies every two weeks throughout this entire summer, just as long as you are a member of Amazon Prime. Prime gaming is working together with Niantic, the augmented reality company that created “Pokemon Go,” in order to deliver free items to “Pokémon” fans in the weeks and months to come.

How to get Free Amazon Prime Goodies in Pokémon Go

The bundles, set to start being handed out on the 19th of May, 2022 and it would continue throughout this summer months, although an end-date hasn’t been shared as of yet. The items would all appear to be rather useful, including Poke’ balls, revives, and other things that would be useful when you are out and about, searching for new pocket monsters to add to your collection.

Seeing as “Pokémon Go” is free to begin with, but purchasing balls and other items cost you money, it is a great idea that you do not miss out on these bundles. The very first one is already up for grabs, serving up to about 30 Poke balls, five max revives, and one star piece.

Regardless of the new Amazon and Niantic collaboration, the next few days are bound to be very interesting for “Pokémon Go” Players, seeing as the  “Pokémon Go” May Community Day is right around the corner, set to occur on the 21st of May. During this period, you would be able to catch an Alolan Geodude in the wild. Now how do you pick up your free bundles to gear up for major event?

How to Redeem the Goodies

There are several ways for you to redeem your goodies, you can do that by entering a code on the “Pokémon Go” website or from inside the Pokémon game itself. Regardless of the method you use, you would be required to start heading over to the prime gaming website and claiming the “Pokémon Go” offer to be given a redemption code.

With the code in hand, head over to the “Pokémon Go” redemption website, log in, and then enter your code. If you are an Android user, also you can grab your goodies through the “Pokémon Go” app without having to visit any additional websites. All you have to do is simply open the map, tap the poke Ball menu, and then enter the shop. Enter your unique code at the page bottom under “promos” and then tap “redeem” to find your new items in your inventory.

For iOS Players

iOS players do not get the opportunity to redeem their prizes via the app. If you are on iOS, your only option is to redeem your code through the Pokémon Go” redemption site. To add, if you login via the Pokémon Trainer Club, you would be required to link another log-in provider with your “Pokémon Go” account, as stated by Amazon that Online code redemption is “currently unavailable for users that are in possession of the Pokémon Trainer club accounts.”


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