How to Increase the Battery Life of Your Laptop

Have you been searching for a way how you can increase the battery life of your laptop? Then this article is certainly the content you need to go through for you to be able to increase your laptop’s battery life.

How to Increase the Battery Life of Your Laptop
How to Increase the Battery Life of Your Laptop

Furthermore, one important thing that you need to keep in mind is that there are cases where even the longest-lasting batteries of laptops will die eventually.

How to Increase the Battery Life of Your Laptop

In these recent times, some laptops that are inexpensive replacements for desktops and other gaming behemoths tend to last up to eight hours or even more. Moreso, the Ultraportable lasts up to fourteen hours or more.

Meanwhile, the bright side is that how you can find a solution to the low battery of your laptop and increasing the battery life does not require a stressful effort. Well, the tips that you certainly need to consider to improve your laptop battery life will be provided below so read on.

Make Use of the Windows Performance Management Tool

The most important step you need to consider and take note of is the performance management tool on your Windows. Going further, that of the Windows 10 can be checked in the task where the icon for the battery is stated. Also, you will find the performance management tool of Windows 11 in the power mode of the settings of the system.

The main aim of the performance management tool is to make the settings that affect the battery life in a group that is under some categories that you can easily understand. Meanwhile, the company that produced your laptop is the one that chooses the settings of the battering slider and there are some battery control modes below.

  • Best Performance Mode where apps that are running in the background that consumes lots of power won’t be stopped by windows.
  • Better performance Mode helps in the limitation of the resources from apps in the background and makes priority on power over work efficiency.
  • Better Battery Mode is a mode that offers a long-lasting battery life the default setting on the old Windows version.
  • The Battery Saver mode will only show if your laptop is unplugged and its features make a reduction in your brightness, stops download updates, stop apps on mail from syncing, and also suspends some background apps.

Use Battery Settings on macOS for a MacBook

macOS recent laptops that are having versions that are up to date have features of battery and power settings that its users can control. However, you will have to lower your PC’s display and enable a power nap while your battery power is on and through this, your system can check for updates when you choose to wake it up with the brightness dimmed.

However, some settings in Macs have energy mode in the battery aspect of the system options where there are some options like low power, automatic levels of performance, and high power and they are like that of the Windows performance management tool.

Simplify Workflows by Closing Apps and Use of Airplane Mode

If you are the type that tends to open a lot of apps on your laptop then you certainly need to carry out a simplification process by using the less battery-consuming app at a time. So, you need to close other programs and also try turning on your Windows airplane mode or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in macOS when editing a document that does not need web access.

Make Adjustments to Graphics and Display Settings

You need to make sure that the apps that make use of your graphic processor on your PC or laptop are either games or other intensive apps for graphics. so, you need to carry out need to make possible adjustments to graphics and display settings because it tends to reduce laptops’ battery life because of the workload of several apps.

Focus on the Health of Your Battery

The battery health of your laptop matters a lot because it is what will show if there is an increase or decrease in the life of your laptop battery. Moreover, in time all batteries will eventually lose capacity in their charging process so you need to keep an eye on the battery’s health and know when to change it.

Furthermore, you need to check the setting in the battery section of your PC and get information on the lasting period and other possible things you need to know about the charging cycles that your battery has faced.

Carry a Battery Backup

Having a battery backup is one easy way step that you need to know more about because with a battery backup you do not need to worry about a low laptop battery. Moreso, with an external battery backup you can get to charge your laptop and other devices, and also one more advantage of it, is that an external battery pack can charge more than one system.

Meanwhile, with these steps or ways that have been given in this article, you can be certain that you will have enough battery on your laptop to carry out any work on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

Your laptop battery is draining so fast due to the operation that you do such as keeping the backlight of your keyboard on, connecting to lots of peripherals with your laptop, keeping your battery performance on high mode, and also running so many apps in the background.

Is It Okay to use a Laptop While Charging It?

It is okay to make use of a laptop while charging it and you certainly do not need to bother about overcharging or getting to overheat since it is not likely to occur. Moreso laptops that have batteries that are lithium-ion do not overcharge due to the battery’s mechanism.

Can I Leave my Laptop Plugged in 24/7? 

There is certainly no danger in overcharging your laptop so you can definitely leave your laptop plugged in 24/7 or all the time. And also, one thing you should need to know is that your laptop will stop charging when it gets to 100 per cent and can only continue when the battery is low.

How Can I Improve my Laptop Battery Health?

There are some ways that you can follow for you to be able to improve your laptop battery health below.

  • Let your screen turn off sooner.
  • Always reduce the brightness of your screen.
  • Automatic set on changing the brightness.
  • Make restrictions on high battery consumption.
  • Turn on a battery saver or adaptive battery.
  • Off-key sounds and vibrations.
  • Delete tabs that are not in use.

With these steps, you can improve the battery health of your laptop.

How Long do Laptop Batteries Last?

The batteries of laptops last for about 2 to 4 years and that may amount to 1,000 charges. Moreover, there are some factors that determine the time that the laptop battery will last before it stops and they include the materials that the battery is made from and how often you make use of the laptop.



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