How To Hide Your Facebook News Feed – Hiding Your Facebook News Feed on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari

Learning How To Hide Your Facebook News Feed will make Facebook nonsense disappear. Of course, there are some annoying posts on your News Feed you would like to be removed.

How To Hide Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook platform is one of the things you can’t avoid no matter what. There are so many people there, such as businesses, social groups, news publications, etc.

The Facebook platform has a lot of both good and bad parts. Read more on this article to learn about How To Hide Your Facebook News Feed.

How To Hide Your Facebook News Feed

The Facebook News Feed is one of the center parts of the platform. Facebook will do its thing and you will be displayed with a lot of posts from your friends.

If your Facebook News Feed is packed with a lot of posts you might want to do away with, then you are safe. It is possible to remove or hide some annoying posts from your News Feed.

How To Hide Your Facebook News Feed On Chrome/Edge

If you are accessing the Facebook platform on a web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, then this is your part.

There is an installable browser extension to make your Facebook News Feed vanish completely. The extension is called the News Feed Eradicator, and it is available in Chrome Web Store.

You just have to install it on your browser and the basic settings page will load up. This extension will help more than just your Facebook. You should ensure the toggle icon next to Facebook is enable.

How To Hide Your Facebook News Feed On Firefox

Just like the Chrome and Safari web browser users, Firefox users can also install the News Feed Eradicator too. This is available on Firefox Add-ons and works similar to Chrome.

After installation, the setting page will pop up. You should ensure the Facebook toggle is enabled. And then your News Feed will be replaced with inspirational quotes only.

How To Hide Your Facebook News Feed On Safari

Safari doesn’t have quite the extension support that Chromium browsers or Firefox enjoy. But it’s still possible to remove your Facebook News Feed if you’re using Apple’s browser too.

The easiest tool is known as Quiet Facebook and is accessible from the developer’s Github page. It provides the same experience to the Chrome and Firefox extension.

To install, either clone the repository to your Mac or download the provided .zip file. From there, the Quiet Facebook extension is enabled through the style sheet in Safari. Full instructions will be found on a similar Github page.


Facebook will always split opinions, but it does have its uses. Fortunately, you’ll be able to continually use the service. But make the experience as minimal as possible with some simple browser extensions.

None of the above extensions affect your friends’ pages or those of companies, groups, or gaming profiles. They only hide the clogged, messy News Feed, and make Facebook way more bearable.

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