How to Get Rid Of Private Student Loans

Do you want to know how to get rid of private student loans? Well, if there ever s a way you could get rid of your entire private loans, then you will definitely find it here. All you have to do is to continue reading the content of this post.

How to Get Rid Of Private Student Loans

How to Get Rid Of Private Student Loans

While there are just a couple of formal student loan forgiveness programs for private loans, there are other many options out therefore relief purposes, and in a bit, I will be sharing them with you. Remember that private student loans are different from federal different loans; hence they operate and work differently. While you can easily be forgiven for federal student loans, the case is different for private student loans. With that being said, here are some relief options with which you can rid yourself of private student loans.

Loan Payment Assistance Programs

Many states in the United States have programs that award loan repayment assistance to borrowers that work in some professions. Eligibility requirements for these programs however vary by profession, but the most common occupations in question are medical professionals and lawyers. Other career paths on the other hand may qualify for these programs solely depending on where you live.


One of the most well-known relief options is refinancing. In this option, borrowers with good credit scores and clean credit history may get a lower interest on their private student loans simply by refinancing. Plenty of lenders will allow you to select between a fixed interest rate, which as you probably should know stays the same unit until you get to pay the loan amount in total, and a variable interest rate which goes up or down simply depending on the industry and market.


Many private student loan companies if not all accept settlements for borrowers who have missed their monthly payments as well as defaulted in their accounts. Terms for settlement vary by lender, but one thing you should know is that many student loan settlements are rarely for pennies on the dollar. It is not an uncommon practice to reach an agreement for 40-70% of the current loan balance paid in a big sum, monthly payments, or even a mix of two.

Leftover 529 Plan Funds

Federal law as you should know lets borrowers to utilize money leftover in 529 college savings plans to repay up to $10 thousand in qualified education loans per each borrower. You also can put this money in question toward a beneficiary or their sibling.

Permanent Disability and Death

Cancelation of loans for permanent disability is one of the many options a borrower has depending on their student loan lender. It also may be an option in the event a primary borrower dies. But some lenders will go after the cosigner even if the deceased was the child of the cosigner.


Although this very process is not a straightforward one, private student loans can easily be discharged in the case of bankruptcy. But first, you will need to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. And after you get a discharge, you will still need to file an adversary proceeding and then prove that the private student loans are undue hardship.



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