How to Fix an Android Phone That isn’t Ringing

If your Android Phone is giving you issues with ringing when called, then check How to fix Android Phone that isn’t Ringing. If you happen to be an Android owner, and you are having a little problem with your phone not ringing, then you need this content on How to fix an Android Phone that isn’t ringing.

How to Fix an Android Phone That isn’t Ringing

If you happen to be the owner of an Android Phone, having to whittle down all the reasons why you cannot hear your device ring can be really offputting, especially when you have not done anything to cause the problem.

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How to Fix an Android Phone That isn’t Ringing

So, what can you do if your Android smartphone has stopped ringing altogether? Before you start thinking your Phone is Faulty, there are some fewer complex reasons to consider for why your device is not ringing.

This actually could be due to a change in specific settings or software issues because of third-party apps that are installed on your device. Fortunately, you are expected to swiftly put an end to your distress and work on your Android device on your phone, without having to hire an expert – assuming there is nothing wrong with the physical speaker, of course.

Keep on reading to see just how you can pinpoint the reason why calls are not coming through on your handset and the steps that you take to troubleshoot the issues.

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Why is my Phone Not Ringing

Turn off Silent or Do Not Disturb

If you are interested in becoming more productive or you don just want to be disturbed by your ringtone, putting your phone on silent is an amazing way to do it. And this is the main reason why people seem to complain about their phone not ringing.

For this reason, this is the first setting that you would want to check if your Android smartphone has stopped ringing when you get calls. You might have switched your Phone to Silent and then Forgot that’s the case, or you might have just touched the silencing button accidentally. So just check to see if your phone is on silent and you are good to go.

Turn off Airplane Mode on Android

If you Enable the Airplane Mode on your Android device, all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even cellular functions would be turned off, So, you would not be able to make or even receive calls or gain access to the internet till the mode has got disabled.

That is fine if you are actually on a flight or you need to block disturbances, but this would make your Phone less than useful other times.

Check if You Enabled Call Forwarding

If you are a business owner, there is no shock here that you would be making use of call forwarding. This might also be one of the reasons why your phone has stopped ringing. You can set up call forwarding through your network, or via Google Voice or Skype.

If you turn on call Forwarding, your calls would be sent to a second cell phone or landline, and the feature might be enabled on your device if you are not receiving any calls. So, check to see if the call forwarding feature is on.

Remove Third-Party Ringtones

No matter how much you like listening to third party ringtones, sometimes, they might be the reason why your phone is not ringing out. Some of those ringtones come with bugs, and with time they might affect ringing with time. So be careful of the ringtone you are using.

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