How to Find out if you are a Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy

How to Find Out If You are a Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy becomes a concern for you when you suspect that your loved one has named you as a beneficiary but you have not been contacted by the insurance company.How to Find Out If You are a Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy             

Most times, the insurer of your loved one may not be aware of the loss. Hence, you need to contact the company yourself if you are certain, you are a named beneficiary.

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How to Find Out If You are a Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy             

Being a life insurance beneficiary means that you have the right to know and receive the death benefit. A beneficiary is required to file a claim to receive this benefit. But how do you file this claim when you don’t know whether you are a beneficiary?

In most cases, the policyholder will inform you that you are a beneficiary before he or she passes on. With this, you will know where the policy document and other documents are located and how to contact the insurer to file a claim when the policyholder dies.

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How to Find Out If I am a beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy

When you lose a loved one, you may be confused about how to go about the life insurance claim process. This is especially if you are not sure if you are a beneficiary or not. Some insurance companies may contact the beneficiaries to let them know they are named on the policy.

But what happens when the insurance company is not aware of the policyholder’s death?  There are some things you can do to find out if you are named in a policy and they are discussed below.

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Search the Personal Documents of the Deceased

If you have lost a loved one and you suspect that you are a named beneficiary, you can search their personal documents to confirm your suspicion. You can also scan their paperwork, email, and mail.

If they have made payments on policies, you will be able to confirm. Also, you can check their personal papers for confirmation.

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Ask other Members of the Family

Another important step to take is to contact other members of your family. If your loved one has forgotten to inform you before passing on, he or she may have informed another close relative.

You can also ask the lawyers and financial advisors the deceased worked with before they pass on.

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Contact the Insurer of the Deceased

This should be one of your last resorts. When you are certain your loved one has this type of insurance coverage, contact the insurance company. What you need are the name of the insurance company and the policy number. The policy number can be found on any of the policy documents.

You will know if you are eligible to file a claim when you contact the insurer of the deceased. To avoid this confusion, it’s very important you inform your loved one early that he or she has been named as a beneficiary.

Also, tell your named beneficiaries where they can find your personal information and other documents, they will need to file a claim.

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How to Find Out If Someone has Life Insurance

Losing a loved one can be quite traumatic especially if he or she has been your financial support. Getting a death benefit is a financial relief but how can you file a claim when you are not sure the deceased is covered by a life insurance policy?

You can find out by searching through the paperwork, emails and receipts, and emails of the deceased. If you find evidence of premium payments, you can confirm. You can also contact the employer of the deceased to find out if the deceased has coverage.

In addition to this, you can review their income tax returns, and contact any law office where the deceased have received advice. Lastly, you can make use of a life insurance policy holder database.

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Websites to Find out If Someone has Life Insurance

There are some free websites that can help you find out if a deceased had a life insurance policy. These websites can be called the Life Insurance Policy Database. They include:

These websites are free and all you have to do is to visit any of them online. when you do this, fill out the request forms given and the website will ask the participating companies to search their records to determine if they had an insurance policy.



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