How to Deleted Facebook Dating Profile – Recover a Deleted Facebook Dating Profile

Speaking of How to Deleted Facebook Dating Profile, Facebook dating has been around for a while now and arguably a lot of individuals have made use of it. To some, it is the best dating app while others simply prefer the likes of Bumble and tinder.

How to Deleted Facebook Dating Profile

Regardless, some individuals have at one point of time or the other deleted their dating profile probably because they got bored or tired. Nevertheless, if you want to restore your account, we will be guiding you on just how to do that.

How to Deleted Facebook Dating Profile

Facebook Dating has been one of the top-ranking dating platforms for a while now. I guess what motivated Facebook to start their own dating platforms was because of dating sites always using them as middlemen.

Irrespective of that, one can say the dating feature was a pretty successful project amongst several others. The dating feature was created in such a unique, simple, and intelligent style that you can never be matched with friends you already have on the platform if you do not desire it.

How Facebook Dating Works

This is pretty simple. Unlike some beliefs, creating a dating profile does not require signing up for a new account. If you already have a Facebook account, all you have to do is set up the dating feature.

On the other hand, if you do not already have a Facebook account, you will be required to create one as it is the only way you can access the features of the platform including all of its benefits.

Recover a Deleted Facebook Dating Profile

If you’ve mistakenly deleted your dating profile, here is how to get it back.

  • Open your device browser (Google Chrome) and open a new tab
  • Now enter “Chrome/cache” in the new tab you opened. If this does not take you to your cache, then you should install the chrome browser cache
  • On the next page, you would find a lot of links to the things that you have browsed
  • Click CTRL + F on your keyboard and locate After clicking on it, the previously viewed and downloaded photos will be displayed.
  • Find “fdcdn file” in the first characters of the displayed URLs
  • Once you’ve found the URL that contains the file, do not click on them. Simply right-click on any of the URLs and select “Go to + the URL.

It’s as easy as that. further research can be done on Google.


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