Deleted Facebook Dating Profile – Restore a Deleted Facebook Dating Profile

Do you have a Deleted Facebook Dating Profile as a result of anger or frustration and now you feel like you need it back? Well, then it is with great joy I tell you that this is the article you have been searching for. If you’ve ever broken your Facebook dating account by deleting it, there is a pretty good chance you can get it back. We will be walking you through the steps.

Deleted Facebook Dating Profile

Deleted Facebook Dating Profile

It is my belief since we are all humans that sooner or later, we are bound to get tired of something no matter how interesting it may be at first. At that moment, pretty nasty things may happen and you may decide you no longer need it.

However, moments later you may need it back or discover that you do actually have use of it. Regardless, it is already deleted and you need it back. We will be discussing just how you can get it back.

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is a dating feature that was released by Facebook for its users to find true love and build meaningful relationships. The way the dating feature works is that you have to go through the application to access and make use of the dating feature.

Can you Restore a Deleted Facebook Dating Profile?

The Facebook dating profile just like every other dating profile contains your overall information. This same information is what others take a look at before they decide if they like you or not. In short, if you’ve deleted your dating profile, there may still be a way for you to get it back.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Dating Profile

Here is how you can get back your dating profile you deleted it by accident.

  • Open your device browser (Google Chrome) and open a new tab
  • Now enter “Chrome/cache” in the new tab you opened. If this does not take you to your cache, then you should install the chrome browser cache
  • On the next page, you would find a lot of links to the things that you have browsed
  • Click CTRL + F on your keyboard and locate After clicking on it, the previously viewed and downloaded photos will be displayed.
  • Find “fdcdn file” in the first characters of the displayed URLs
  • Once you’ve found the URL that contains the file, do not click on them. Simply right-click on any of the URLs and select “Go to + the URL.

With hope, that should take you back to Facebook dating. If it isn’t successful, I’m afraid you will have to go through the process of checking all the URLs containing that file.


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