How to Customize Windows 11 Settings

Are you interested in How to Customize Windows 11 Settings? Windows is the most popular desktop operating system in the world amongst operating systems like Linux, MorphOS(an alternative OS for old Macs), and so many others. Windows is a graphical operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft. As of October 2021, Microsoft released this window 11, which is a free upgrade of windows following Windows 10.

How to Customize Windows 11 Settings

The designs and interface on windows 11 are mind-blowing and refreshing, the windows make you feel productive and inspire you to be creative. There was an upgrade on the startup icon taking it off the side to the middle of your desktop.

The features he windows 11 are so nice like the part of you can create separate desktops for each part of your life and you can customize it o your liking. Everything that makes you have difficulty has been made simple and enjoyable for you.

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New Features in the Windows 11 Settings

  • Desktop: have you gotten used to seeing your start menu, taskbar, and action center that is usually pinned to the bottom of your desktop at the left side bottom of the desktop? Windows 11 wants you to enjoy something new and has made it to be at the middle bottom of your desktop. The settings when you click on the desktop are different from the other windows settings.
  • File explorer: All the interfaces of the software on the file explorer is different on windows 11, the yellow color interface you usually see on the file explorer has been changed to what they stand for like the way you see it on your phone. Let’s take the example of the folders where you save your music usually have a yellow color like folders but now you can identify your music because of the music symbol it shows.
  • Widgets: this is an interface that allows a user performs a function or access a particular service. We usually see widgets on our phones but you can now see them on our desktop with the use of windows 11. You can add widgets to your desktop because it is accessible at the bottom of your desktop and pinned on the taskbar. There are features on the widget you can add to your desktop like weather, calendar, stocks, Microsoft to do, local traffic, sports, and many others.
  • Microsoft store: According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will support android apps but for now you can only find windows apps on it. But later on, windows 11 would be updated to be able to support windows 11.
  • Settings: Microsoft added new and cool features to the settings. The power & battery shows the condition of the battery, the screen on and off data, and even the apps that consumes the battery mostly. Bluetooth and devices, you would see all the devices connected well arranged. You can also personalize our desktop with new features added there too.

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Windows 11 Setting

Every setting in windows 11 is different from every window and even windows 10. There are different ways of opening the windows 11 settings using keyboard shortcuts, using the user menu, the taskbar settings, and different other ways. We are going to discuss in the next header Different ways of opening windows 11 settings.

Different Ways of opening Windows 11 Settings

We have different unraveling the beautiful settings to customize our desktop to our taste or the way you love seeing it any time you open your desktop.

  • Using keyboard shortcuts: You can use the windows key on your keyboard and the ‘+’ plus sign on your keyboard and uppercase (I). You going to hold all three keys together to see the windows 11 settings. (Windows + I).
  • You can also use the start menu to get to the settings by clicking the start button and then the settings on the pinned section.
  • Through the taskbar settings, you can open the settings page.
  • Even the notification settings also have the access to the windows 11 settings. You can access it by right-clicking the taskbar.

Different features you would likely see in the Windows 11 Settings

  • System.
  • Apps.
  • Personalization.
  • Gaming.
  • Windows update.
  • Time & language.
  • Network and internet.
  • Bluetooth & devices.
  • Accounts.
  • Accessibility.
  • Privacy and security.

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How to Customize Windows 11 Settings

Am going to guide how to tell you on how to customize your windows 11 to your taste and the way you are going smile anytime you open your laptop.

  • We are going to start by knowing how to customize your windows 11 with windows theme. You can save a desktop wallpaper, app, window color, and many other features. To be able to do this, go to windows settings on your desktop, click on personalization and go to the theme sub-menu. From there you can a collection of already-created themes that make your desktop look new. Make sure to click on the save button or else you won’t see any changes.
  • Desktop background slideshow: it is so boring seeing the same picture or image every time you get to open your laptop. But you can rid of that by using the slideshow on the windows settings> you go to the personalization menu and then the background sub-menu. There you would see the slideshow option> select the browse option, this is to see through your desktop to know where the different pictures you want> you would see the file manager choose the pictures you want. So if you follow the guide properly, you would start seeing different pictures you want and not one boring picture.
  • There is another way you can customize your windows by customizing your apps with a lively wallpaper. The lively wallpaper is available on the windows store, it allows you to custom images and even web pages as your desktop background.
  • Customizing your start menu: the start- menu holds a lot of available applications on your computer, by pinning the applications and using external applications to change the look.
  • You can customize the system sounds and mouse pointer on your laptop. You can do that by going to the system settings> then the personalization tab> go to themes and then you would option on how to change the system sounds and mouse pointer.

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Is it possible to make the windows 11 start menu look like windows 10?

Yes, it is possible, Windows 11 permits you to reverse to the windows 10  type of taskbar. You can do that by navigating to the personalization page in the settings.

How do I change the windows settings in Windows 11?

On the top-right corner of your window, you would see the minimize and maximize buttons which you could use to resize your computer to your taste. You can resize the windows manually by pointing the mouse to the edges to resize.

Does Windows 11 fix scaling?

The size of the text, icon, and navigation may be the right size and equally readable. Even though windows 11 can configure the display settings automatically, you may not like it that way. So you adjust the settings manually.

Why is the Screen on my Windows 11 zoomed?

Maybe you just got your system updated from windows 10, you can still go back to your default zoom size if you hold the windows key and press the minus “-“ several times till it gets to the size you want it to be.

How to get the classic start menu in windows 11?

To be able to change the windows 11 start menu to the classic start menu. You double-click on the start_ShowClassicMode entry and change the value of the value data from 0 to 1. Make sure to click on OK to save the settings and reboot your system then you would see the classic start menu.

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