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Do you want to know How to Create Facebook Poll? The Facebook poll has become so rampant and useful throughout social media platforms. It has become so successful in getting recognition and engagement from users and even shows what people think about a certain topic. Social media has come to realize the power of the Facebook poll, that of recent a lot of big companies and high brands online have incorporated polls into their everyday work. As it seems a lot of people love to declare their opinions and preferences.

How to Create Facebook Poll

Although on your Facebook you can do this manually by asking a direct question on your status, with such a feature as the Facebook polls, you do not need to that. The polls are great ways to make plans with friends, like settling a friendly argument, or even ask your customers what they will like to see in your business that will yield great results. Making the Facebook poll is quite easy and takes maybe a minute or two, in fact, if you can manage to make regular Facebook posts then you will likely master the Facebook polling in no time.

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How to Create Facebook Poll

The Facebook polls can be both productive and amusing. Even if it is about asking your friends about the end of a drama, or you are asking which products people will most likely ask about from your online boutique, the Facebook poll allows you to quickly gain access to information that is tailored just for you.

So, whenever you are in confusion about what to decide you can easily make use of the Facebook poll. You can also customize your Facebook poll to be shown only to a selected group of people, so not everyone you are friends with has to know about your thought. The fact is that running a poll on Facebook for your friends and followers Facebook is a very good way to help you make decisions, create some debate, and spot checks others’ opinions.

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How to Create a Personal Poll on Facebook | Create Facebook Poll

  • Firstly, open the Facebook app and select your profile
  • Click on Add to Story
  • Next, you swipe across at the top to poll
  • You will then be given a prompt Ask a question… with Yes / No answers. Just click on each of them to customize.
  • Once you feel the need to use the poll, just hit Share to Story.
  • You can choose to use a photo or video to go with your poll, but if you do not select the one you can be rest assured to get a colorful background.

How to Create a Facebook Group Poll

If you are wondering how to create a poll on your Facebook group, from your computer, Facebook mobile app on Android then read down you will see the steps below;

  • Open your Facebook app and tap or click Groups on the left menu
  • Next, select the group and get started by clicking on Write something
  • You will poll in the dropdown, click on it, then fill in your questions and answers
  • Then make a final decision before you post anything, allows anyone to add options, or allow people to choose multiple options. It depends on what kind of feedback you are looking for. Once you feel happy, hit the post.

Once you post, your poll will be live and everyone will be able to see the results, so what are you waiting for, try making a poll today. For more inquiries about the Facebook poll you can visit the site below;

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