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Have you heard of GMass and you are looking for a way on how to create a GMass account? If you are one of those or you think that I am referring to you directly, then you are in the right place. In the world of email marketing, GMass is one of the most astounding tools out there in the market today. How do I know about this? Well, I know about this because I am a marketer and I have made use of it. Other digital marketers out there have also made use of it and are therefore testifying to the goodness of the platform and tool. Reading this article means that you have made up your mind on making use of it and you are not wrong.

How To Create A GMass Account

How To Create A GMass Account

Before I take you into this article any further it is only right you know what this article is all about. You might know what this article is all about, creating a GMass account? But here is the real question, do you know what GMass is or what it is used for. A lot of persons already know of this platform and are making use of it presently. But for the benefit of those users who do not know about it, I will be doing a short review on gmass.

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What is gmass? Gmass is a powerful emailing marketing software that lets you run mail merge campaigns from your Gmail account according to The features and abilities of this tool make it the ideal emailing marketing tool to make use of, that employees from popular brands such as twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and other top brands. With the features on this tool, your email workflow will be streamlined and your conversions will be boosted in no time.

Although this tool is an email marketing tool, it is not made for marketers alone. This tool can also be used by various individuals and organizations to send targeted emails to large audiences all from a google account. If you haven’t made use of this emailing tool before, its high time you start making use of it as you will not regret your actions and decisions.

Gmass Pricing

When it comes to gmass pricing, there are two types. There is the free or paid version of the gmass pricing. With the free account, you get to access all the features. The only restrictions to the gmass pricing is that the number of emails you can send are limited. You can only send 50 emails and messages per day, but the features work with the free account and this restriction applies in 24 hours’ time.

When it comes to the paid version there are three forms of pricing and they are minimal, standard, and premium. The subscription plans for this feature and tool are for individuals, teams, monthly, and annually. Below are the pricing fees of the gmass platform;

  • Minimal – $8.95 monthly.
  • Standard – $12.95 monthly.
  • Premium – $19.95 monthly.

Select a plan of your choice and subscribe to it. The subscriptions and pricing listed above are for a monthly basis. To learn more about the pricing on this platform, check here GMass pricing.

How To Cancel Gmass

Canceling your subscription plan on this platform is easy but it totally depends on whether you subscribed via PayPal or credit card. To cancel your credit card subscriptions;

  • Login to your Gmail account whose gmass subscription you wish to cancel.
  • Open a compose window on the Gmail account.
  • On the ‘to’ field, set it to but do not hit send.
  • Leave the subject field blank.
  • On the body of the Gmail enter your reason for cancellation but do not hit the send option. This is optional.
  • Next click on the gmass button and not the send button.

This will terminate your subscription immediately but your account plan will still remain until your paid period is up.

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PayPal Subscriptions

The cancellation process for PayPal is different from the credit card payment subscription cancellation process. If you paid with PayPal, you will need to be logged in t your PayPal account as you can only unsubscribe from there. Immediately you cancel your subscription your account will be demoted to free account status. Unlike the credit card cancellation, you do not get the unused time after canceling your PayPal subscription, but instead, your account will be demoted to free immediately with the free sending limits and all other features that are associated with the free account.

Lastly, if you paid with bitcoin, your subscription already has a predetermined life. This means that your subscription will automatically cancel after your paid time has expired. Transactions using bitcoin are one time and therefore are not recurring.

Gmass Account Create

Now that you now know everything you need to know about gmass, its time you know to create your account on the platform and to do this, follow the steps below;

Install the gmass chrome extension

To install this chrome extension, go to the gmass website here or go to the chrome web store from your chrome browser. On the gmass website click on the add gmass to Gmail button. On the chrome web store whoever clicks on the add o chrome button in the upper right corner from here.

Connect Your Gmail Account To Gmass

To connect gmass to your Gmail account;

  • Login to your Gmail account with which you want to use gmass.
  • Click on any gmass button. You will be prompted immediately to link your Gmail to gmass.
  • Immediately the gmass button will be added to your Gmail account.

And that’s it; your account will be created immediately. Adding the gmass extension does not create for you a gmass account, but rather it just adds the button and that’s it. This is the step that will actually enable you to create the gmass account.

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