How to Create a Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding is one of the most popular and successful ways to raise money for your start-up. If you have no idea of how this is done but you need it for your business, read this overview on how to create a crowdfunding platform in 2022.

How To Create a Crowdfunding Platform

How To Create a Crowdfunding Platform

Although you could go for normal fundraising for your business, crowdfunding has a much simpler investor verification process and no rough limits on the number of sponsors who should invest.

Crowdfunding platforms are flourishing amongst many industries of the world today including IT, philanthropic organizations, real estate marketing, agriculture, entertainment, and art initiatives.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds to finance projects and businesses. Crowdfunding enables fundraisers to collect money from a large number of people through online platforms.

This strategy is usually used by start-up companies or businesses in their growing stage as a way of accessing alternate funds. It is a very good way of sourcing funds for new projects, businesses, or ideas.

How does Crowdfunding Work?

Crowdfunding platforms are platforms that enable interaction between fundraisers and the crowd. These crowdfunding platforms enable financial pledges to be made and collected by business teams or owners.

Fundraisers are usually charged a fee by crowdfunding platforms if the fundraising exercise has been successful. In return, crowdfunding platforms are meant to provide a secure and easy service.

How To Start a Crowdfunding Platform

Here are the various steps to take when creating a crowdfunding platform;

Conduct an Analysis and Know How your Competitors

The first determinant of crowdfunding success is preparation. The campaign should be prepared at least 6 months in advance with a very clear schedule. The analysis of your crowdfunding platform is one of the most important aspects of your preparation. It will help you understand how your crowdfunding website will be set up.

Not all websites are created with the same features and it is important to carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages before choosing the type of platform to use for your campaign.

Before you make your choice on the type of platforms to choose, we suggest you consider three factors;

Proposed Types of Financing

One of the natural selection criteria is your choice of funding. There are officially three different types of funding; which are donations, investments, and loans. Crowdfunding platforms normally offer one of these three types of funding

The Success Rate of the Type of Platform you are Choosing

This is a very important criterion to consider when choosing a platform. Now perform an inventory, out of the 100 campaigns launched in that type of platform, how many of them are successful and why are they successful?

Instead of considering overall success, it is very important that you consider the success as regards projects that are similar to yours.

The Audience of your Platform

The audience is very vital because the success of your campaign depends directly on your ability to get people to talk about you to attract as many participants as possible.

Our recommendation is that you analyze the platform based on the number of participants, the number of Facebook followers, and the number of Twitter followers

Choose the Type, and Method of Monetization and your Target Audience

Immediately after your analysis has been completed, it is now the best time to choose the optimal crowdfunding business model to start a crowdfunding website. In other words, the way your website will raise money from investors and on what particular terms.

Such models are divided into four different types;


In this model, donators participate in crowdfunding projects without expecting anything in return. It is very suitable for charitable and relatively small projects when people chip in a few dollars for the initiatives they like.


In this case, investors or supporters receive a predetermined reward for their participation in the campaign. The reward spoken here could range from the mention on a blog to a finished product.

When investors invest, they get a stake in the business or at least a financial return on their investment. The reward is a good model for commercial initiatives.


This means an investment in the shares of a commercial enterprise. This means that users who contributed equal to or greater than the value of one share will automatically become shareholders of the enterprise. This approach automatically gives the users a very good opportunity to make a profit if the company is successful. In addition, it is possible to trade your stocks.

Lending Based Model

This model deals essentially with loans. Users lend money to the project at a certain percentage and this percentage will play the role of the investors.

Revenue Models of Crowdfunding Platforms

Here are the major revenue models of various crowdfunding platforms;

Commission for the Amount of Money Raised

The amount of profit to be gotten by the platform depends on the amount that has been collected by the startup firm. The platform then receives money if only the crowdfunding fee is successfully closed. Most platforms have used this model to generate income.

Paid Services and Features on The Website

In this model, the platform monetized some of its services, such as marketing, campaign management, branding, photocopying, and promotion.


This is one of the easiest ways to monetize. In this model, the profit or revenue comes from adverts placed on the platform.

Promoting Campaigns

Another model that works very well is marketing and promoting existing campaigns on the platform. It could be a very good way to monetize. The owners of the campaign will benefit from always being visible on search results and the platforms will benefit through additional income.

Target Audience

The success of the project depends on whether a community has been formed around the creator. Before thinking of a plan for promoting your crowdfunding campaign, you need to compose a core target audience and use it as the basis for your project description and every other thing.

Form a Business Plan From your Idea

One of the most outstanding characteristics of a business plan is its ability to have a very defined goal.  People are rarely interested in getting involved in a project they think will fail.

Let your business goal be very simplified. We advise gathering a small community on a crowdfunding platform and with this community, implementing a project that is not very ambitious. After you have done this, you can now grow this community with strategies such as newsletters.

Financial planning is a very important step that should not be trivialized here. You will need a real budget to launch a very good crowdfunding campaign. Your financial plan should identify the resources that the company needs to ensure that cash is used and ensure that results and costs are balanced.

Choose a very Good Web Design and Development Partner

When you are developing a successful crowdfunding campaign, the development team must set a very clear goal. Your website must be recognizable and focused on the target audience. When users enter the page of your crowdfunding platform, they should immediately understand what the website is aimed at and how to perform certain actions such as; registering, launching a project, viewing listings, and investing money.

Start the Minimum Viable Product of your Idea

When you have gone through all the steps given above, you can then create your minimum viable product.

The best way to do this is with the prototyping technique. This technique takes all the pains, desires, pleasures, preferences, and behavioral patterns of user characters and then matches them with the functions of the platform being created

Create your Crowdfunding Design

One very important thing that will drive success is the design of your crowdfunding platform. Let your design be focused on the target audience and develop designs and features specifically.

Make sure that the interface of your website remains very familiar and comprehensive, otherwise, you will create a sense of discomfort for your visitors, and they will leave your site as soon as possible.

Here are some basic principles of a good website design

Recognizable interface

A good example of this layout or interface is a list at the top, a traditional menu in the top right corner, a card-style listing, and a clean minimalist design.

A Very Good Color Scheme

Let the color scheme of your website be very pleasing to the eye. This will go a very long way in representing your brand through conceptual and direct association.

Mobility / Adaptability

Make sure that your design adjusts to the resolution of your visitors so that it fits their screen perfectly while keeping their information present.

Testing On Your Users

After the prototype has been created, it must be tested first with the help of the QA and QC specialists and then with the help of real users, who will help to eliminate most of the errors and deficiencies.

After all, this testing has been done and the problems have been eliminated, your platform can be launched or continue to be developed. You should make sure that you launch your website to the market as soon as possible. for example, if the market is full of competition, then you should finish the product first.

Main Crowdfunding Website Challenges

Part of the weapons you should arm yourself with is the knowledge of the various challenges that you may face with a crowdfunding platform;


Some fraudsters can present information on the page that their funds have been deposited, but in the actual sense, there is no access between the owner of the funds and the owners of the idea. the only information available will be the one presented on the website.

Complying With the Law

This is one area that may be a very huge challenge. Since the inception or adoption of crowdfunding by many individuals, the government of many nations has instituted legal frameworks to regulate or govern this business. This means that whatever platform you want to build will have to be in obedience to these laws.


The involvement of lots of money has warranted the need for security. Your website is worth starting with an SSL certificate. For many reasons, an SSL certificate should be on every single website and it is very important to reiterate that any site associated with personal data and even with money transfers must work under a secure protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Four Types of Crowdfunding?

The four types of Crowdfunding are;

  • Reward,
  • Donation
  • Debt

What Are the Risks of Crowdfunding?

Some of the key risks of Crowdfunding are;

  • Liquidity risks
  • Risk of loss of funds
  • High potential for fraud
  • The non-accredited investor may lose his or her money
  • No guarantee of success

What Happens If a Crowdfunding Fails?

If a crowdfunding procedure fails, your supporters will be informed through an email that the project was unsuccessful as it did not reach the desired target and they will receive their funds back.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Crowdfunding?

Yes, of course, crowdfunding is a very popular way of raising money for businesses and projects. It may be taxable, depending on the government in charge.



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