How to Check your BVN

Do you know how to check BVN on your mobile phone? if it no, you are in the right place. The bank verification number (BVN) is a unique identification number issued by three central banks of Nigeria (CBN) to individuals in the Nigerian banking system.

How to Check BVN
How to Check BVN

It serves as a s means of identity of bank account holders, helping to curb fraud and improve security. Checking your BVN is a simple process that ensures you have access to this essential piece of information. In this article, we would guide you through the set of checking your BVN.

Using the BVN USSD Code

To check your BVN, you can use the USSD code provided by your bank. mobile network operators in Nigeria such as MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, and Glo use a universal code *565*0# to certify BVN. it is important to know that the individual must dial the short code (*565*0#) using the phone number they used in enrolling your BVN at the bank. After dialing the code, you will receive a notification with your eleven (11) digit BVN number. Before dialing, ensure you have a sufficient airtime balance of at least #20 to complete the process.

Make a Note of Your BVN

After receiving your response, you should take note of it by keeping it in a safe and accessible place. You can write it down, save it on your phone or take a screenshot for later use.

When USSD Code is not Working for You

Contact your bank if for any reason, you encounter difficulties or you are unable to check your BVN using the USSD code, you can as well reach out to your bank’s customer service for assistance. They will guide you through the process or provide an alternative method for you to retrieve your BVN.

How to Check my BVN on MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat

There is a general code you can use to check for your BVN on any network you are using. By following these simple steps, you can get your BVN within a few seconds:

  • Dial *565*0# on the number you used for BVN enrollment at your bank
  • Wait for your 11 digits number to apply.
  • Copy the BVN number and save in a secured location.

Remember there is a service charge of #20, ensure you have a sufficient balance in your account before carrying out this process.

Importance of Having a BVN

For a seamless banking operation, you need to have a bank verification number (BVN). here is a list of several reasons to go get your BVN:

  • Identify Verification: The primary purpose of BVN is to establish and verify the identity of the bank customers. It helps in fighting identity theft, fraud, and other financial crimes, by making sure that the person claiming to own a bank account is truly the rightful owner.
  • Enhanced Security: BVN implementation improves the overall security of the banking system. When you link your unique BVN to your account, it becomes difficult for an unauthorized person to have access to manipulate your money.
  • It Makes Banking Operations Easy: The BVN enhances easy banking operations. Once your BVN is linked to your account, you can easily access various banking services without going through a whole lot of lengthy verification processes tirelessly. It simplifies activities such as account opening, money transfers, loan applications, and other business transactions.
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection: As stated earlier, BVN helps in reducing instance fraud in the banking system. Banks can now use your BVN to verify your identity during transactions, with this, they can easily detect suspicious activities, and prevent unauthorized access to your account. It also enables banks to track and have control of financial activities more effectively.
  • Credit History and Risk Assessment: BVN provides banks with access to a detailed financial history of customers. This data helps to access customer worthiness, determine loan eligibility, and manage risks. With this, banks can make more informed lending decisions, and offer personalized financial products based on customers’ financial behavior.

BVN offers numerous benefits in banking operations, including identity verification, enhanced security, efficient transaction processing, creditworthiness assessment, and regulatory compliance.  It strengthens the banking system, protects customers, and enables efficient and secure financial services.

 Frequently Asked Question

We listed out a few questions and their answers that might be going through your mind.

What is BVN?

The BVN (Bank Verification Number) is a unique identification number issued by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) to individuals in the banking system. It serves as a means of identifying and authenticating the identity of bank customers.

Why do I Need a BVN?

BVN is essential for verification and security purposes in banking operations. It helps to prevent fraudulent acts and any other criminal-related activities in the bank.

How can I get my BVN?

To obtain your BVN, you need to visit any of your bank branches, you will be required to complete the BVN enrolment form.  personal information, biometric data capture such as fingerprints and photographs), is what you need at the bank for verification to get your BVN.

Can I have multiple BVNs?

No, individuals are only allowed to have one BVN. It is designed to be unique to

each person and should be linked to all your bank accounts across different banks.

What should I do When I forget my BVN?

In a case, when you forget your BVN, simply dial the USSD code on the registered phone number linked to your bank account and you will receive your BVN with a service charge of #20.

What if I don’t have a BVN?             

Without a BVN, you are likely going to encounter difficulties in performing certain banking transactions. Some services such as international money transfers, requires your is recommended to obtain a BVN to enjoy a full range of banking services and comply with regulatory requirements.

Can I Update my BVN details?

Yes, you can update certain BVN details such as your address, phone number, and email address. Visit your bank’s branch and request the BVN update form and provide the updated information, submit the form, and your bank will update your new BVN record.


To check your BVN is a straightforward process that ensures you have access to your unique identification number in the Nigerian banking system. It is an important step in verifying your identity, maintaining the security of your bank accounts, and conducting various banking transactions.

By following the steps outlined above in this article, you will be able to check your BVN using the USSD code *565*0# without stress, remember to keep your BVN number safe and avoid sharing it with unauthorized individuals.



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