How to Change Icon Size in Windows 11

Here in this article, I would be showing you details on how to change the icon size in windows 11. All the steps would be properly detailed below.

How to Change Icon Size in Windows 11

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How to Change the Size of Desktop Icons on Windows 11

One of the easiest ways for you to change your desktop icon sizes on windows 11 is for you to make use of its bespoke context menu.

  • First, right-click or tap and hold on the desktop in other to bring up the context menu
  • Choose view
  • Right from the icon size options, then select the size that you would want them to appear. Medium Icons are the default, so if you want them to be bigger, select large icons,

How to Change the Size of Desktop Icons in Windows 11 Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Now, you can skip over accessing your desktop context menu that is on windows 11 and then makes use of the shortcuts to change desktop icon size instead. Hold down the control and shift keys bright on your keyboard, and then press either 1, 2, 3, or 4. The default medium icon size is 3, so if you want a much smaller icon, select 4. If you want much larger icons, select 1 or 2.

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How to Change the Size of the Desktop Icons on Windows 11 by Making use of the Mouse Scroll Wheel

You can choose to make use of your mouse wheel in other to increase or decrease windows 11 desktop icon size also. First, press and then hold the Control key found on your keyboard. Make use of the mouse scroll wheel, scroll up to increase the icon size, and then scroll down to reduce the size of the icon.

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How to Change Icon Sizes on the Windows 11 taskbar?

You can choose to resize the taskbar icons by adjusting the size of the taskbar itself, or, you can try another method by changing your screen resolution.

It is possible for you to resize the taskbar icons without adjusting screen resolution or the taskbar’s size, but you would need to download one of the three specific .bat files. Once you have downloaded it, unblock and then run the .bat, file, and then wait a while for the changes to be applied.

How to Change Folder Icons on Windows 11?

You can choose to change the icon for most of the folders in windows 11, which includes the regular folders, special desktop icon folders, and hard drives. The process here is quite different for regular folders compared to other special folders and hard drives.

How to Change App Icons in Windows 11?

You can right-click on the app’s icon and then select properties > Shortcut > Change Icon. From this point, select the icon that you would like to change to, then confirm with OK.

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