How To Bank During The COVID- 19 Lockdown – Online Banking During COVID 19

Do you want to know how to bank during the COVID- 19 lockdown? If you want to learn how you can make banking in this period easy, then this is your lucky day. In this article today I will be putting you through the various steps needed for easy banking in a period like this such as the coronavirus pandemic. With the COVID 19 pandemic, businesses and social activities amongst others have been put on hold. Many businesses and organizations have been suspended for the time being in a bid to curb and stop the infectious spread. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many questions have arisen and one of the many questions is how do people get to go about their normal business like banking? To find out the answer to this question, then you need to continue reading.

How To Bank During The COVID- 19 Lockdown

How To Bank During The COVID- 19 Lockdown

I remember growing up as a child. We were taught so many emergency drills like preparing for a natural disaster, extreme weather, tornadoes, blizzards and so much more. Well, a time to put our training into practice has come. Nations all over the world have gone on complete lockdown. How will you cope with life staying at home for weeks or even months without getting to leave the house?

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We should all expect not to bank the way we use to bank. Of course, there are going to be changes and we all should be ready to adapt to these changes. Many of us just aren’t ready for the coronavirus pandemic and it is disappointing. Going on total lockdown is not a punishment, but rather it should be seen as an obligation, your own part to putting an end to the deadly coronavirus.

Banks have all shut down temporarily due to this virus. And therefore going to banking halls or leaving our homes to ATMs or other places where we could easily withdraw cash would be impossible. Now the question we should all be asking ourselves is, how prepared are we in terms of banking this period.

The lockdown due to the COVID 19 pandemic will affect our lives no doubt. It is no news that we would all need money to keep up with basic needs such as purchasing food items and paying for some necessary bills. Now you may be wondering as to the connection with banking to the coronavirus pandemic. Well, the connection is basic and straight forward. We will all be confined to our homes limiting our access to money and funds. We will all need money to keep up.

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Online Banking During COVID 19

The best way to bank during the coronavirus pandemic period is online. Due to the constraints due to banking in this period, online banking will make managing your finances easy. If you haven’t automated your finances this period, you will need to automate it now. Although ATMs and other monetary service platforms will be open but accessing they may increase your risk of contracting the disease. Instead of running non-essential errands, you can decide to do all your banking from home.

You can also decide to enroll in making automatic payments online. This will increase the chance of making automatic payments easy. Missing bill dates and paying late fees will reduce drastically. Making automated payments even has its own advantages. Some online merchants even give you small payment discounts and thus saving you money and time.

Bills You Can Pay Online Under COVID 19

There are lots of bills you can make online during this coronavirus period. As long as the means of payment is automated, then you can pay just about anything you want online. Some of the bills you can pay online are;

  • Utilities such as water, gas, and electricity.
  • Cell phone.
  • Cable TV and the internet.
  • Charitable donations.
  • Insurance.
  • Home mortgages or rent.
  • Credit card statements.
  • Recurring monthly.
  • Sinking funds and so much more.

There are some of the bills you can pay online during this coronavirus period. When making online payments during this period, you should be careful as there are lots of scams going on. Make sure you verify the platform you are making payment to.

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