How to Apply for ETA

Are you planning on travelling to a foreign country and do not know how to apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation)? Well, welcome to a comprehensive guide on how to apply for an ETA.

How to Apply for ETA

Whether you plan on going on an exciting vacation, an important business trip or anything that involves travelling to a foreign country, understanding the ETA application process is important to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel.

With the advancement of technology, applying for an ETA can basically be done online, saving you time and effort. In this guide, we will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to apply and obtain an ETA. From researching the requirements to submitting your application and receiving approval.

What is an ETA?

An Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) is an electronic document that permits individuals to travel to certain countries for business, tourism, or a visit. It is an alternative to the usual visa and is also obtained online before travelling.

An ETA is prepared to simplify the entire travel process, enabling eligible travellers to apply and receive authorisation quickly and conveniently. By electronically linking the traveller’s passport with their approved travel authorisation, an ETA makes the immigration process easy and stress-free for travellers.

Overall, an ETA serves as a convenient and efficient way for travellers to gain authorisation to enter certain countries, increasing the ease and speed of international travel.

To find out more about what the ETA is about and how to apply, keep reading this article.

Eligibility and requirements for applying for an ETA

The eligibility criteria and requirements for applying for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) can differ depending on the country you plan on visiting. However, here are some general guidelines that are often applicable:


First, you must check if the country you are from is eligible for an ETA. Certain countries have agreements with specific destinations that allow their citizens to apply for an ETA. Make sure to consult the official website of whichever country’s immigration authority you intend to travel to, to determine if your nationality is eligible.

Purpose of Visit

ETA is basically accessible and available for business, tourism, or transit purposes. Make sure that your intended visit corresponds with the allowed purposes specified by the country you intend on visiting.

Valid Passport

It is important to have a valid passport from an eligible country. Ensure that your passport is valid and meets the requirement of whichever country you plan on visiting. Some countries may require your passport to be valid for at least six months past the time of the intended departure date.

Travel Itinerary

Make sure to prepare details of your travel plans, including your planned dates of arrival and departure, flight details and accommodation information.

Supporting Documents

You may have to prepare some extra documents to support your application depending on the country. Some countries may require additional supporting documents such as a return ticket, proof of accommodation, proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay and travel insurance.

Health and Security Checks

Depending on the country you plan on visiting, you may be required to undergo health screening, provide vaccination certificates, or answer questions related to criminal history.

To ensure accuracy, always refer to the official website of the immigration authority of the country you plan on visiting for the most current and detailed information regarding ETA eligibility and requirements.

How to apply for an ETA

To apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization), you can follow these general steps:

Online Application:

Most countries offer an online application system for ETA, visit the specific website or online portal that the immigration authority has provided.

Fill in the Application Form:

After acquiring the form online, do well to begin by filling in the necessary information needed in the online application form. This information includes personal details, the purpose of the visit, passport information, etc.

Payment of Fees:

You then proceed to pay the necessary ETA processing fees after filling out the form, using the accepted payment methods specified on the website. Ensure that you keep receipts or evidence of payment for future reference.

Review and Submit:

Thoroughly and carefully review all the information provided in the application form. Make sure to cross-check for any errors or omissions before submitting.

Confirmation and Reference Number:

You will receive a confirmation email or a reference number immediately after submitting the application form. The confirmation message is quite important for you may need it to check the status of your application.

Application Processing:

The immigration authority will review your application and process it accordingly.

You will receive a confirmation email if your application is approved. This message will basically include your ETA details and its validity period.

It’s important to note that the specific steps and processes may differ for each country, so it’s important to refer to the official website of the destination country’s immigration authority for accurate and detailed instructions on how to apply for an ETA.

Benefits of an ETA

Acquiring an ETA offers numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits an ETA offers:

  • Convenience: ETA provides a convenient and sleek online application process, saving you time and effort.
  • Faster Processing: Applications for ETA are basically processed quickly, enabling you to plan your travel effectively.
  • Cost-Effective: ETA fees are often cheaper compared to the usual visa fees.
  • Simplified Documentation: When using an ETA, fewer documents are required, minimising the burden of paperwork and hardcopy documents.
  • Multiple Entry: Many ETAs allow multiple entries within the authorized timeframe, providing flexibility for frequent travellers.
  • Business and Tourism: ETAs are suitable for both tourism and business purposes, allowing a wide range of travel needs.
  • Transit Purposes: ETAs often cover transit stops, making it easier for travellers with connecting flights.
  • Efficient Immigration Process: ETAs incorporate well with electronic systems at immigration checkpoints, helping to reduce waiting times.

These benefits are the main reasons why most travellers rush to apply for ETA for a stress-free travelling experience.


Which countries require an ETA?

The countries that require an ETA differ. Popular examples are Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. You can check the official website of the country’s immigration authority you plan to visit for specific information.

How long does it take to process an ETA?

Processing times differ depending on the country you plan on visiting. In many cases, ETA applications are processed within a few days or even hours. Check the official website for estimated processing times.

Is an ETA the same as a visa?

No, an ETA is not the same as a visa. While both grant travel authorization, an ETA is usually a simpler and faster process, applicable for specific purposes and eligible countries. Visas often involve more extensive documentation and requirements.

How long is an ETA valid for?

The validity of an ETA differs depending on the country you plan on visiting. It can range from a few weeks to several years. Do well to check the official website for the specific validity period of the ETA for your intended destination.

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