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Are you a webmaster or do you have a website you are managing? If you are then this article is for you, it is in fact a must-read for you. Do you want to know why it is so? Well, this is so because this article, ‘how to add Facebook open graph to your page’ has everything to do with how your website or page performs on the Facebook social media platform. Facebook over the years has proven why it is the best in the business. Well if you don’t think that Facebook is the best or one of the best social media platforms in the world, you need a rethink.

How To Add Facebook Open Graph To Your Page

How To Add Facebook Open Graph To Your Page

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms in the world when it comes to socializing. Also when it comes to content marketing it is also one of the best. If you are a webmaster. And you have been utilizing the platform for the said purpose then you would understand what I mean. But before I go any further in this article, do you know what an open graph is or hat a Facebook open graph is? For clarity and educational purpose, here is a short description of what it is.

‘Open graph’ often known as the open graph protocol enables web pages to become rich and relevant in a social graph. The open graph is used on social media platforms such as Facebook in making any web page to have the same form of relevancy any other item and object have on a said social media platform. This is what the open graph document is all about.

When web pages share their content on Facebook, it is shared as a URL. To therefore change and control the form in which your contents appear on the platform. You need the open graph document. Without the graph, Facebook just makes a random guess on how your content will appear on their platform in terms of title, description, and image preview.

How To Add Facebook’s Open Graph Meta Tags

Now that you know that the Facebook open graph feature lets users share web pages on Facebook. Do you know it is done? Normally when you share a post on Facebook without this open graph, your post will just be shared as a URL and that’s that about that. But with the Facebook open graph, users will not only share their posts on Facebook, but Facebook itself will display a preview of their web content with images and an excerpt.  To add an open graph Meta tags to your web page, follow the steps below;

  • Firstly, log in to your WordPress site and open the dashboard of your website.
  • On the left-hand side of your dashboard, you will find a menu tab or button. Click on the Menu tab and then on SEO.
  • On the SEO page, click on social from the options provided.
  • On the social page, click on Facebook from the list of social media platforms displayed.
  • Toggle on the switch to on to enable the feature. To disable the feature toggle the switch off.

If you noticed I made use of a WordPress site as an example. For other sites, the steps are pretty basic and the same.


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