How to Activate Facebook Dating Android – How to Edit Facebook Dating Settings

How to Activate Facebook Dating Android. Facebook dating has created a great turnaround in the way we love.  Through your mobile device, you can find a partner that shares the same likes and interests. You get to know a lot of information about the person without a few clicks regardless of the location. For you to enjoy this amazing experience, you need to know how to activate Facebook dating on your android device. Facebook dating is a great platform which features are like that of Tinder and Bumble put together.

How to Activate Facebook Dating Android

Facebook being the most popular social media network having a dating platform integrated into it, finding a match that befits you is not of any difficulty. Embedded with great features, there are a lot of things to experience on this great platform. Through the activation of Facebook dating on your android device, you can connect your Instagram and Facebook stories. Isn’t that amazing? Surprisingly, you don’t need to create a Facebook dating profile as your regular Facebook profile is being used.

How to Activate Facebook Dating Android And on iPhone

The Facebook dating platform is not restricted to any device as you can activate it on both android and iPhone. But you should note that you can’t activate or operate the platform on any browse due to the fact that it is integrated into the Facebook app itself. So, it is of great necessity you have a Facebook account to have access to the dating platform. Let’s take a great look at the step required to activate Facebook dating on your android or your iPhone device:

  • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device
  • Login to your account
  • Look for the hamburger menu at the top right page and tap it
  • Tap the ‘Dating’ option
  • Follow the instructions given
  • You can choose to share your location
  • Upload a photo for your dating profile
  • Click on ‘Done’ when you have finished your setup

Automatically, your Facebook dating profile has been activated. So, you can easily switch between accounts (regular Facebook and Facebook dating) on the same app. You can add more feel to your profile by doing a little bit of customization by adding few posts, photos, stories, or other information from your Instagram.

How to Edit Facebook Dating Settings

The Facebook dating platform is endowed with outstanding features. Through your Facebook dating profile details, Facebook finds you potential matches which might be of great interest to you. You can as well connect your Instagram and Facebook stories to your profile page. This can be done through the Facebook dating settings. Here is how you can edit the Facebook dating settings on your mobile device:

  • Click on the gear-like icon on the page
  • You have the Ideal Match and the General tab which are for setting standards for potential matches and controlling what your profile displays respectively.
  • You can also tap the ellipses (…) to link your Instagram account

As you can see, editing your Facebook dating settings would transform your Facebook dating page changing the way it looks. You can as well delete your Facebook profile through the General tab if you want to but DON’T. Like why on earth should you do that? You must have an important reason for doing so, although Facebook provides a form to fill for quitting. This is done so they can make more improvements on the platform.


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