How Facebook Dating Is Different From Your Facebook Profile

have you heard of Facebook dating? If you have heard about it and you are interested in making use of it in meeting new people, all you have to do is to create a dating profile. If you have however been following me in my posts, then you should know how to get started with it. in this post, however, I will be telling how Facebook dating is different from your Facebook profile.

How Facebook Dating Is Different From Your Facebook Profile

How Facebook Dating Is Different From Your Facebook Profile

In Facebook dating, you can easily send messages and likes to people you are interested in and have opted into the dating service. And once a person on the platform likes you back, it’s a match! And after that, you can now start chatting.

Facebook dating is different from your Facebook profile in many ways. For example, Facebook dating will not suggest your current Facebook friends within the dating circle. Your friends on Facebook will also not be notified when you join the Facebook dating service. Also, your dating profile and your messages on the service and the people you like or match with will not appear on the newsfeed of your Facebook profile.

Also, your conversations on dating are different from your Facebook messenger chats. Another way in which Facebook dating is different from the Facebook profile is this. You can easily delete your profile on the Facebook dating service without deleting your Facebook account. On the other hand, when you delete your Facebook account you will also delete your dating profile.

In general, one can say that deleting your Facebook account will have a permanent effect on your Facebook dating profile, but when you delete your dating profile, it does not affect your Facebook account. You should also note that if you become friends with a person that you match with on dating, the both of you can still see each other’s dating profiles.

What Is Facebook Dating

Just like tinder and bumble or even match, Facebook dating is the official dating service of the social media giants, Facebook. With Facebook dating, Facebook account holders that have opted in to make use of the service can find love and relationship with things they have in common. However, unlike many online dating apps and platforms, the services of Facebook dating is free.

Who Can Use Facebook Dating

Although Facebook dating is a Facebook service and feature, it is still not yet available to all regions with access to Facebook. You will need to be in a region with access to a Facebook dating service. And if you reside in a region with access to the feature, you will have to be a registered Facebook account holder and also have an updated Facebook app downloaded and installed on your device.


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