How do I Find My SSN – Steps to Find your Social Security Number

How do I find my SSN? Believe, as this may sound absurd, there are still some people that don’t know how to find their social security numbers. This is easy and in this post, everything you need to know in that regard will be shared.

How Do I Find My SSN

How Do I Find My SSN

A social security number or SSN is a nine-digit number. This nine-digit number generally is issued to US citizens, certain working nonimmigrants, and unlawful permanent residents. This number is issued by the social security administration to track the employment statuses of individuals for social security benefits.

Over the past few years, the social security number has been one of the main or a de facto national identification numbers for taxation and for many other purposes. The number is also a common component in the forms of the US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS).

Steps To Find Your Social Security Number

As established already in this post, the social security number is a nine-digit number. And if you have one, this number can be found on your social security card. There are also other places other than this where you can find this number. And some of these places are on your tax returns, bank, and W-2s statements. Previously, owners of social security numbers can find this number on their filed USCIS forms.

If you however do not have an SSN, you may be required to fill N/A in the space that is provided on USCIS forms. And you should also know that many people with nonimmigrant visas do not have social security numbers.

Another way to find your SSN is via an employer. Generally, employers keep social security information on file. You can therefore always check in with an employer to obtain your social security number.

How to Apply For a Social Security Number for Immigrants

You can always apply for a social security number if you are eligible for it. You may do this with your immigrant visa or when you are filing form I-765.

Applying For an SSN with Your Immigrant Visa

You can always request a social security card as part of your visa application. When you are filling the form DS-230 which is the application form for an immigrant visa and alien registration or the form DS-260 which is the immigrant visa electronic application, there is the option to request a social security number. If however, you selected this option, you will not need to submit a special type of application or even go to a social security office to get your very own card.

Anyways, the social security administration will assign you a social security number and also will issue you a card upon your arrival in the U.S. the card will be mailed to the same U.S mailing address where the department of homeland security will send your green card. After arriving in the US, you will receive your SSN within 3 to 4 weeks.

Applying For SSN When Filling Form I-765

Another way through which you can apply for a social security number is when you are filing form I-765 which is also an application for employment authorization. If you need to file the Form I-765 with the U.S Citizenship and immigration service (USCIS), you can also choose to request a social security number at the same time.


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