Horizon Zero Dawn May Be Getting a PS5 Remaster

Horizon Zero Dawn May Be Getting a PS5 Remaster. It seems like Guerilla Games’ popular 2017 post-apocalyptic robot monster-hunting epic “Horizon Zero Dawn” would be getting it’s very own “The Last of Us part 1” Style Remake for the PlayStation 5, at least according to some unknown sources.

Horizon Zero Dawn May Be Getting a PS5 Remaster

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Horizon Zero Dawn May Be Getting a PS5 Remaster

Initially, as reported by the MP1st, then corroborated by VGC, it does indeed seem like a remaster is in the works. Though, as both sites point out, it is quite a surprising choice based on the fact that “Zero Dawn” is not that old.

As a matter of fact, unlike “The last of US,” which was originally released on the PlayStation 3 in 2013 and has the excuse of being a couple of console generations behind the PS5, “Zero Dawn” was launched on the PlayStation 4 in the year 2017. Therefore, it is separated from the PS5 by just one generation.

And that’s to say nothing of the sequel, “Horizon Forbidden west,” which was launched early in 2022 for both the PS4 and PS5. Do we really need a remaster of the game when it is not very old to be with, and it wasn’t long again that we got a sequel? It seems like Sony has plans to capitalize on the recent sequel release, or maybe Sony has planned something new for the “Horizon” Series, and it wants to offer up a remake of the original in other to help maintain interest while they work on a much bigger project.

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Leaks on Horizon Zero Dawn Remake

Seeing as details have not been confirmed by Sony or Guerrilla games at the moment, it is best for you to think of all of this as a rumor at the moment. We can call it a rumor that is most likely to be true, but a rumor nonetheless. With that stated, there are some notable details found by MP1st that have been confirmed by VGC via some anonymous sources.s

Graphically, Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster would be a visual update to make it look a lot closer to what we saw with “Horizon Forbidden west.” If that seems to be the case, this would probably not be a ground-up remaking, but the two-source stated that it would carry more detailed texture, improved lighting effects, and an extended draw distance. The source also stated that the character models and animations would be updated to match up with “forbidden west.”

Also, it is expected that the various graphical modes and accessibility features that were introduced with the PS5 release of the “Forbidden west” would also be incorporated into the remaster. Also, it is expected that the new “Zero Dawn” would probably make use of some of the general improvements that were made with the sequel like the far less fiddly inventory system.

A Brand-New Horizon Game Might be Released

MP1st and VGC sources have stated that there might be a multiplayer-focused “Horizon” game currently in the works, although it has only small details to mull over.

The game is reported said to be placed in “Horizon” World, obviously, but it is not clear if it would be PVP or co-op affair. Supposedly the customization options so, we can assume there would be character customization available in there would be tied to the various in-game tribes, which does make it sound like a team-based PVP could be the main focus.

With that stated, co-op would most like be a major draw for Multiplayer “Horizon” if it was handled well. A Fairly common observation of the original game and its intense fights against very angry machine creatures is that it is a bit like “monster Hunter.” So, if this new online game could tap right into the popular capcom series’ multi-person coordinated hunts, maybe tie certain weapons and tools to a particular “class” in other to help balance things out?

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Is Horizon Zero Dawn Still Good?

Yes. Even after five years, the game Horizon Zero Dawn is a thoroughly impressive and thoroughly fun game to play, with great combat and more.

Do I Need to Play Horizon Zero Dawn before Forbidden West?

It is strongly advised that you play Horizon Zero Dawn before starting the Forbidden west as the sequel is essentially a continuation of the story that unfolded in the first game.

How Long Does it take to Beat Horizon Zero Dawn?

The main campaign of Horizon Zero Dawn takes about 23 hours to complete. But this time depends on how fast and how good you play.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn Difficult?

Horizon Zero Dawn is no slouch when it comes to difficulty. The game is quite challenging to beat.

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